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    Ferry Trip from Helsinki to Tallinn with Tallink

    by on 9 Hours Ago at 09:45 PM
    A trip from Helsinki to Tallinn takes around 2 hours and costs 40 EUR per person. Weather was unfortunately not that great but it was still a fun trip.

    Helsinki Harbor Terminal:

    When you enter the ferry:


    Harbor of Tallinn

    Liquor Shop close to the harbor

    Alcohol Tourims: Those buses next to the Liquor Shop were all from Finland...

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    Hiking in Viiki - Helsinki

    by on 3 Days Ago at 03:02 PM
    Vanhakaupunki is the birth place of Helsinki and can be reached from the Railway Square with the buses 68, 71, 73B, 74 and 77S. From here you can start a hike through the Nature Reserve which is probably one of the best places for birdwatching in Helsinki.

    Birdwatching Tower


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    Hiking in Sarkkaniemi Helsinki

    by on 5 Days Ago at 05:33 PM

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    Skatanniemi fortress (1916) Helsinki - Finland

    by on 5 Days Ago at 04:39 PM
    Skatanniemi fortress was built during the first world war and is located in Skatannimi in Uutela (Vuosaari). It is part of the Suomenlinna Sea fortress and the only part which is located on the mainland. However, the guns were never installed.

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    Hiking in Helsinki Kallahdeniemi

    by on 6 Days Ago at 11:50 PM
    Kallahdeniemi is located in East Helsinki (Vuosaari) and is from my point of view one of the best places to go for s short hike. There are 2 hiking tracks - Kallahdenharjun luontopolku (closer to the mainland) and Niittykirvisen luontopolku. You can find bbq areas there and also plenty of birds. It's also a good place to go for a swim.

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