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Sunday, July 20th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

Posted 25th-October-2008 at 06:09 AM by reea
Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 04:21 PM by reea
Today I got up quite late, and, surprisingly, I wasn't hungover! It's quite a miracle! well, I wasn't drunk, but I was tipsy.. anyway. Today we walked to Henna's place around 16.00, and we all went together to Downtown Helsinki. There we went to Hesburger (my friend mikko has insisted on me having to go eat in Hesburger once). we laughed a lot, because Henna once was looking for a picture of a wombat on goole, because she didn't knew what it looked like, and the first picture was a picture saying; "the secret sex life of the wombat" (here is the picture if you want to see it :P (there is no offensive/disturbing thing on the picture. you just see a wombat with a weird/funny face)

So now she is just scared of wombat, and we kept making that weird wombat face to her, and we all laughed about it. Then around 19.30, Outi and I went to her older sister's (Elli) appartment, near the academy of Finland (in Töölö). She has 2 cats, iso kissa and pieni kissa. haha trust me, iso kissa really is huge :P
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Saturday, July 19th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

Posted 25th-October-2008 at 05:52 AM by reea
Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 04:21 PM by reea
Today I went to meet up with my "penpal" Wellu, in Tampere. I got up around 9h30, took the bus to rautatieasema and there, i took the intercity train to Tampere at 12h06. I tried buying a ticket, buuuuuuut the 19th being the day where Iron maiden and avenged sevenfold's concert in Tampere, I had no seats :P so I sat in the hallway, with MANY other people. the train was full. but the ride was still fun, even though my butt started to hurt after a while. So I arrived in Tampere around 13h50, and went to the R-Kioski to meet up with Welly and his friend, Lauri (or Late, as we nickname him). It's kind of funny to meet someone I have spoke to over internet for over 2 years! But we get along really well. We went to a first bar, near the train station, called Passion. Lauri paid my drinks there (some beer and white russian). It was a bit weird, because I didn't knew Lauri. Well, i heard about him from Wellu a lot, but yeah. he is a really nice guy, and quite funny. Afterward, we stopped at a R-Kioski to buy some beers and long drinks, and we left to this celtic house pub. We took a beer there and then headed to the park near the river, we sat down there and drank what we bought earlier. They were going to the Iron Maiden gig and they wanted me to come along, and celebrate a bit more with them. I would have liked to, but I couldn't do that because of some terms of insurances with the student exchange program. Then they asked for me to stay for the gig, but tickets were too expensive,...
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Friday July 18th 2008[Finland travel blog]

Posted 25th-October-2008 at 05:36 AM by reea
Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 04:20 PM by reea
Before going to the airport, we went to this small art gallery in Kittilä, but it was closed, so we went to this other one, of a famous Lappish paintor.. I don't remember the name, sadly... You can visit his home that he built. It's really gorgeous! In his art gallery, there is a pool and a sauna on the second floor! :O Then we went to the airport to fly back to Helsinki. On the plane, there was this band called Leningrad Cowboys. Gosh were they annoying and loud! I felt like hitting them so they'd shut up! no, but seriously, they were shouting from one end of the airplane to the other stuff like "VILLE!!!!!! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO FISHING AT YOUR COTTAGE? I MISS GOING FISHING WITH YOU! IT'S ALWAYS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" pretty annoying. Espescially when the loudest one is sitting right across the aisle, next to you.
Anyway. On the evening, we went to a bar with Ilari. it was called Röppäri, Rööpperi. I have no clue of the name. but one bar on the same street at the famous gay bar DTM. The doorman was funny and nice. In general, they are always rude, but the guy was really funny and spoke to us for 923763980567 hours. He was just so excited by the fact that I was from Canada and going to the bar where he was working.. weirdo :P The music was WAY too loud. but the place was nice. the servers were a bit slow though... oh, and dear foreigners that are not from EU: the drinks are REALLY expensive :P I really liked the mariannashake, it was good! it's somekind of minth/chocolate...
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Posted 16th-October-2008 at 06:02 PM by maniya
Updated 16th-October-2008 at 06:09 PM by maniya
just The thing that I really know now is the subject that I'm writing about is not connected to Finland *FORGIVE ME*, but If I write it in my other blongs most of my best friends have access to it & they will probably think I dont like them these days...& I dont know why I am writing this here...maybe just make my self calm down (:

well I love my friends so much, but something strange is happening nowadays,
you know I found all of my real friends in the internet,love them to death,but is something to see who you really love everyday...
I've my school changed this year to one which is so close to our house first I wasn't very interested in this because I don't feel like meeting new people with different views , so I backed my pack & went...
now I think its 7rd weeks for me to go to my new school (plus summer school) & all of I'm writing about is about one of my classmates,Who I really liked her in the first days of school, she was so kind with new students ...
I think 2 weeks ago teachers changed our seats & then I found her seat next to my friend's(who is new student here,too) so we were close..
umm I found her COB freak in the first talk so when everybody were nagging about their seats to the teacher we were so happy & thanking the teacher *LOL* ... ok the first day passed... next day started with the word "PERKELE" & talking about our favorites, & again founding something in common again...again & again.. now I liked her more...
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Thursday July 17th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

Posted 14th-October-2008 at 12:11 AM by reea
Updated 4 Weeks Ago at 04:19 PM by reea
Mooooii! Today again, we got up early to go climb a mountain. We went to Särkitunturi. In the morning, it was sunny, but it later became cloudy and quite cold: a storm was approaching. When we reached the summit, it was already raining. but it didn't matter. there was a small camp fire there with some people eater and drinking coffee. There was also this small source of water on top, but as a finnish man said, the water wasn't too good to drink there. Outi and I had our Pure! energy drink (the one of the dudesons haha). We went back to the cottage and ate some reindeer stew with this lappish cheese. it was really good. Again, the parents went out to a small bar, and we saw 3 reindeer walking around the house, and they even laid down next to our room's window! haha! I also spoke to Wellu, and Outi and I will go to Tampere saturday. Friday night, we will go out to the bar.
it was quite hard to fall asleep, because both Outi and I were laughing our *ss off. We just couldn't stop. it was probably quite scary for the parents to see us laugh like madmen!
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