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Aleksis Kivi

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    Studying in Helsinki

    by on 10th-February-2009 at 02:10 PM
    English Degree Programs at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

    Bachelor Degrees
    Multilingual Management Assistants
    Business Information Technology
    Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
    International Business, Malmi
    International Business, Pasila
    International Business, Porvoo POINT
    International Business, Vallila
    Sports and Leisure Management
    Experience and Wellness

    Master's Degree
    International Business Management

    Non-Degree Programmes
    International Business Acumen - IBA

    English Degree Programs at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

    Bachelor's Degree Programmes

    Environmental Engineering
    European Business Administration
    European Management
    Information Technology
    International Business and Logistics
    Media Engineering
    Social Services

    Master's Degree Programmes
    Industrial Management
    Information Technology

    English Master Degreee Programs in Helsinki at Universities

    The following Master Degrees are offered in English in Helsinki:

    EMMEP-Erasmus Mundus Minerals and Enviromental Programme (TKK)
    Foundations of Advanced Computing (TKK)
    Forest ...

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