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Aleksis Kivi

How to find a Job in Finland

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by on 5th-December-2008 at 11:40 PM (4500 Views)
What should you consider If you are looking for a Job in Finland?
Finding a Job in Finland might be one of the most difficult tasks if you can't speak Finnish and if you have a profession where you might face quite a lot of competition from Finns. If you just come to Finland to search for a Job from here, you should consider to take any Job at the beginning, especially if you are qualified in a Business related field or if you don't have a lot of experience.

Where start looking find a Job if you are in Finland?
The best places to start looking for a Job if your profession is not on high demand are either to ask in Bars and Hotels if you can work as a waiter or help out in the kitchen - especially in those Bars which are managed by foreigners - or to contact cleaning companies. Once you got such a job you can be more relaxed and try to find your dream job.

The best place where you can look up for jobs in Finland are the Internet and Newspapers. You can find a list of the best places to find a Job in Finland on the www.FinlandLive.Info Link Directory.

Secure yourself in case you get unemployed
The most important thing which you should consider if you have found a job in Finland is that you should secure yourself for the event that you get unemployed. The Finnish Unemployment Office only pays you around 450 EUR per month if you get unemployed. However, if you have joined a Union in Finland and have paid your membership fee for 10 months, which is a percentage of your monthly income, you will receive income related benefits if you become unemployed. Logically, if you had a full-time job in Finland, this would be a bigger amount than the basic unemployment benefits.

Also good to know:

Getting a Job as an English Teacher in Finland

If you are looking for a Job as an English Teacher in Finland, then I can recommend you those sites:
(Those are general Job sites)

How long does it take to learn Finnish
Some of you may wondering how long it takes to learn Finnish.

This depends how much effort you put into it. There are some people who can communicate in basic Finnish within 6-12 months and others who need 5 or more years.

There are also many people who live since 20 years or so in Finland and do not speak Finnish.

Unemployed as an EU citizen in Finland - E301
If you come to Finland and have worked in your home country and you are unemployed in Finland, then you can transfer your unemployment benefits from your home country to Finland.

All you need is to send the form E301 which you get at the employment offices in Finland from Finland to your home country.

A list with the best Job Search webpages for Finland can be found here under "Best Job Searching Pages".

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  1. reea's Avatar
      that's great!
      thanks for the information!
      I am not too sure to understand the whole tax and benefits thing in Finland, from what I read previously for my own knowledge, but I am sure I can find some answers in the ambassy here in Ottawa.
      It's good to know, because I will probably work part-time when I go study for a semester in finland.

      kiitokset paljon!
    • Aleksis Kivi's Avatar
        Tax you are paying is related to your income. If you get any benefits from the Government as a Student, then you are only allowed to earn a specific amount every month.

        To get benefits from the Government you need to be a Finnish citizen or have lived in Finland for 2 years and your primary intention coming to Finland was not to study (when you register at the immigration office you have to mention why you are in Finland).
      • reea's Avatar
          yeah, I knew about that. I am not too sure if I can have theses benefits, because technically, I would be in Finland for studying, even though after finishing my bachelor degree I'd move there and work a bit.
          But when I was living in my host family in Helsinki, I wanted to buy a Helsinki card (the one that you can only get if you are a resident of Helsinki). So We went to Helsingin Maistraatti where we filled a "ote väestötietojärjestelmästä" to prove I was living in Helsinki. I have just no clue if that makes me a resident in Finland, but I am not living there anymore, even though it will always remain my home and will always be welcomed anytime in that house.
          I might send an email to KELA when I will need to fill out all the papers before moving.
          but thanks for all the help!
        • Meri's Avatar
            Hello, I'm Mary,

            Excellence explanations, Aleksis...thanks

            I'm looking for a job and work and live and enjoy in Finland...
            I'm an architect (MArch) so, ...searching some ( architectural or urban planning or furniture design) studious.
            If You know something about that kind of studious, I'll be gratitude...
            Thank You