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    A small taste of violence, another eleven.

    by on 12th-September-2008 at 07:12 PM
    Written on september 11 of 2008. Enjoy.

    -Yes, another eleven is coming to town. Tonight is the 35th “anniversary” of the military movement to break into the Salvador Allende’s government. Riots all everywhere now. People usually do this on this day. They burn tyres, they face the police… lots of injured arrive to the hospitals… it’s a quite common situation.

    -But let ...

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    About life..

    by on 1st-August-2008 at 06:26 AM
    I wrote this a couple of years ago and when I read it I thought 'Oh, sh*t, I was going maaad' So, I decided to post it here just to know what do you think about this

    About Life.

    I don't know really where to start from. I guess I will from my earliest memories.

    When I was a kid my life was about just one thing: Football. I used to play it everyday. And when ...

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    Routine... KILLS!

    by on 11th-July-2008 at 07:05 PM
    Random stuff I wrote some days ago.

    [...]And you feel the water falling in your back. Then, you turn the shower off. It's the third day, so your facial hair looks good. You ain't gonna shave it tonight. Walk upstairs and open the door to the left. That one, with the chilean flag in the front. Then, you close it as you walk inside the room.

    -Turn the TV on and watch random ...

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