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Routine... KILLS!

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by on 11th-July-2008 at 08:05 PM (768 Views)
Random stuff I wrote some days ago.

[...]And you feel the water falling in your back. Then, you turn the shower off. It's the third day, so your facial hair looks good. You ain't gonna shave it tonight. Walk upstairs and open the door to the left. That one, with the chilean flag in the front. Then, you close it as you walk inside the room.

-Turn the TV on and watch random news. Raped women, crime, pollution, corruption, low education, and your govern supporting illegal foreigners in your city. You don't care. Nevertheless, your country is fine. The milk is more expensive than the gasoline, and gasoline cost as much as the bread. ENOUGH!. Enough news for tonight, and turn the TV off. Take out a Marlboro from the box and light it. Tastes good.. good tobacco. You enjoy your cigarette while you listen to "She's like a Rainbow" and you remember someone. It's a woman. A woman you love. But she doesn't love you. So sad, I'm sorry. You fall asleep...

-6.45 AM. Wake up. Awful night. Walk downstairs and take a short shower. Choose your clothes and get in the jeep. 7.20 AM and you light a Marlboro. It's your breakfast. You get at university, and spend the rest of the morning there.

15.15 PM. Take the metro at "Saint Lucy" station and get down at "Central Station". Then, you take the first bus to "Quinta Normal", the J-05. Get down at "Salvador and Samuel" intersection and walk two minutes to get home. It's thursday, there's no classes tomorrow. Go to the shop and buy six beers and Marlboros. In the next 6 hours, you drink 6 beers and smoke about 20 cigarettes.

-Get up and go to the bathroom. Turn the shower on. It's cold...

-And you feel the water falling in your back...

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