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    These are really wonderful ..
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    I would love to get married in Lapland in winter.
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    hello guys,

    thanks for your stories. am getting scared about coming over. . . . am supposed to be there by september this year. why does it take so long to get used?

    Will i manage? am an african. wonder if the british feel terrible in Finn, what bout us? . . . just thinking aloud.

    but i still want to come.. . . . . will see . .
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    thanks for your story!
    I lived in Ireland for 16 months and have to say that get used In Ireland is much easier then here in Finland. I think it has one reason: People! I have been to Ireland as an au-pair and now I've decided to try Finland because I have learned for 2 years finnish in my homeland and now I would like to learn Finnish properly. Ugh, it is impossible to learn it! Ok, I'm here only one week and maybe my conclusion is too fast but....big BUT is still there. I live in town where I didn't want to end at all and from there maybe comes my anger or disappointment or I don't know how the feel named. In this time here works 'the cultural shock' and if I could i would give it up all. Of course I can! Why not? Because NOW I'm here and it was kinda hard to get here so I can't give it up! I have to give time myself and people I live with and bla bla bla I'm soooo impatient and wish I could move time faster forward.
    Anyway I should sometimes read again your story and realize why I'm here and that everything is not so black how I see it for the first sight

    Btw. How long did take to learn finnsh language properly, that you understood and spoke in every day life situations?

    Thanks again!

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