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by on 31st-March-2008 at 11:13 AM (927 Views)
When surfing on Internet sure you have found, most of times coincidentally, that kind of web you simply can’t resist to share with your friends, with funny thematic, involving stories and impeccable performance.

Great Pockets

Your pockets are big enough to carry all the stuff you normally need? This includes besides your car keys and wallet, your mobile phone, iPod, PDA, GPS, CD’s, DVD’s, USB’s, PC and all the acronym names the modern devices have become nowadays. Not to mention all the incredibly variety of stuff women use to carry on their handbags.

At this point sure you may look like the old man on the photo, puzzled by the idea of carrying tons of gadgets with yourself. Sure you think you won’t be able to carry even a personal computer, but what about if you would need it? So Great Pockets by Henry Needle & Sons are definitely the solution.

Jealous Computers

Have you ever thought your computer may attack you? Motivations would be.
How well do you treat your computer? Why do you think they warm that much? What about if your brain should be forced to memorize large amounts of precise information and have them ready to be retrieved when required with just a key touch? Would it be capable? This web widely documents how computers have begun to rebel themselves, facing the mistreatment and discrimination they receive from their owners.

This websites are captivating enough not to let the surfer escape, logically developed to make the visitor to instinctively will to send the link to his entire contact list.

At the end of the story they tell you – or should I say “sell you”? – the solution, that maybe you are already figuring out. Created by the e-marketing minds of Nokia this couple of webs are really a great online experience.

If you find this kind of websites don’t hesitate to send me the link.

Great Pockets

Jealous Computers

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