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Finland Voted Second Safest City in The World

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by on 4th-July-2009 at 07:10 PM (1284 Views)
I was lying awake in bed the other night,it was 0230.I was enjoying the silence of the city of Helsinki.This was at what the British term “Pub kicking out time”.I was listening to the night birds(feather variety)chirping and passing messages,what ever they do.I did not hear any cars or voices,apart from the local Night Bus Service,hourly.There was true silence.Only the rustle of the tree leaves in the gentle breeze and the occasional movement of a wild animal.There was no shouting or screaming from drunken homeward bound late night drinkers.

It was a place and time unto itself.In the morning I funnily enough received by email,a report.It was entitled “Luxembourg the worlds safest city”
Helsinki second safest city in The World

In the anual 215 city survey,conducted by human resources consulting company Mercer.Helsinki,Finland came joint second place with Geneva,Zurich and Bern(Last three in Switzerland)Pointers that had a big influence on these rankings,included:Politically stable countries with good international ralations and sustainable economic growth and Personal safety and security.

I for one find some confirmation of what I already have seen and believed for a long time.The city is kept spotlesly clean,the Helsinki Public Transport runs predictably and on time.The Helsinki City Police keep a low profile while maintaining safety for inhabitants and visitors to The City(This applies equally well throughout the country)The Health care system is,I believe second to none and the Finns are helpful in a second/third language(English) and polite.

There are of course safety measures that are wise to take where ever you may be travelling.A list follows:
Safety when travelling abroad

* Do not keep large amounts of cash with you and aim to conceal money in public.
* You do not need your travel documents while visiting Helsinki. Leave passports, air transportation tickets and cruise documents in the safety deposit box of your Hotel accommodation.
* Be vigilant in crowded places where tourists tend to congregate. Metro stations, open-air terraces and lines to enter museums or eateries can be attractive locations for pickpockets.
* The Kaisaniemi park behind the main Railway Station, as well as the area of Kallio and Sörnäinen (northeast from the center, after the Pitkäsilta bridge), are probably best avoided at night.Kaisaniemen Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Helsinki in the day times.So do not miss it!
* Helsinki has deep bedrock, so when there is new construction happening you may hear occasional explosions due to the use of dynamite. Don’t worry. The builders know what they’re doing and pose no danger to anyone.

As it is now July,a vast amount of the cities population have gone to their Country Cottages.Many commercial buisnesses are shut or running on a skelaton staff.Shops,Restaurantsand public services run as normal.The Tall Ships Race begins in Turku,Finland at the end of this month.This to me as a British Expatriate,is what makes Finland so special a place to live or visit.

Combining all these factors,I am not surprised in the least, that The City of Helsinki has earned it`s second position in the list of the Worlds safest Cities.For regular Finland Information,follow my site
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