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Mobile service saga

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by on 25th-August-2008 at 02:40 PM (859 Views)
In India, mobiliesm is increased like hell. due to tough competition in mobile services, hell has broken in. The other day i was in meeting and phone rang and lady at the other end wanted to sell ABN AMRO credit card. I said no i donot need it, as I already have many. ten minutes later a call from ICICI bank, lady in native language asking me if I want a personal loan, I coldly replied i don't need it. After half an hour I got a call from HDFC life insurance, telling me about health insurance, I was not polite this time. While driving from office to residence, i got a call from another bank for personal loan. I did find that many people in India are sailing in same boat, they get calls in and out, as part of tele marketing. Goverment is trying to control this companies but in vain.

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