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    Thursday July 10th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

    by on 10th-October-2008 at 09:16 PM
    Today we are going to the cottage. It's near Puujärvi, one of the 10th purest lakes of Finland. It's in Karjalohja, where Tarja Halonen, Finland's president, also has a cottage. I took some pictures of it :P We also went to puujärvi, the view and the water are really amazing! The cottage is quite small, but I really like it. it's only one room, but it has a small tv, a bed, a kitchen table, and a small corner with some counters to cook. outside, there are many differents grills and also a small fausset for water, where we wash the dishes. Outi and I will sleep in the small house where friends can sleep. right next to it is the small outdoor bathroom. it's really lovely! The landscape is just incredible. The sauna is on the shore of the lake, maybe 10 meters from the shore, or not even that. (it was built about 20 or 30 years ago. Nowadays, it's forbidden to build a sauna that close to the shore of a lake).
    Outi and I went to sauna for a good 2 hours. it was quite fun, with our longdrinks, and running to the lake and jumping in the lake. Outi was being a chicken and didn't want to jump in. I would dump those icy cold buckets of water over my head (there was no shower there, only a small fausset to fill the buckets, taking the water from the depts of the lake :P). The sauna was around 90C or 100C.
    After the sauna, we ate some makkara with a small cup of tea/coffee and went to bed.

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    Wednesday July 9th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

    by on 10th-October-2008 at 09:07 PM
    Today, we did quite a few things! we first went to Nordea bank, something that Outi was supposed to do for a while now :P Then, on the bus, we saw again the finnish actor Jussi Lamppi, who was walking in a park. Then we went to Tiketti to buy our Ankkarock ticket. it cost 75€. There will be Disco Ensemble, Kent, Him, the hives, soilwork, opeth, mokoma, apocalyptica, amorphis, apulanta, sonata arctica, pmmp (-_-) and many more. it will be fun! Afterward, we went to Keltainen Jäänsärkijä levykauppa (the yellow icebreaker cd shop), 2 doors away from Tiketti, where I bought the "video vortex" dvd from Disco Ensemble. We then went to kauppatori again, because Outi wanted to buy another ring. I bought a spectrolit necklace for my mom, and this bottle opener made with a reindeer horn. haha I'm sure my dad will love it We also went to Karl Fazer to eat our usual ice cream, and on our way back, we stopped to this animal shop to look for some plants for Outi's aquarium.
    In the evening, the grand-parents (the Järvinen that we visited yesterday) came over for diner. It was really nice. Veikko's children lives in Canada, in Vancouver. then again, we spent the evening speaking finnish.
    After they left, I went a bit on the computer and spoke to Wellu and Leena. Leena and I agreed to meet up monday, july 21st. It will be fun! I will also try to see Maria at Ankkarock. I called Welly around 11pm, and it was quite a laugh to speak with him. he would always ask ...

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    Tuesday July 8th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

    by on 10th-October-2008 at 08:53 PM
    Hei! today nothing special happened again. we stayed home and relaxed. I read a bit my book "lames soeurs" from Robert Malacci (âmes soeurs means soulmates in french.. but here it's a word game, lames being blades) (as you guess, this is somekind of horror/csi type of story). Thursday, we are going to the summer cottage in Karjalohja! It's going to be really fun! and Monday, we are taking the plane to Kittilä, Lapland. Then, we will drive to Muonio, where we rented a cottage, and we will leave on Friday. We have to buy the tickets for Ankkarock tomorrow and talk to our parents for the Nume gig (my friend's band's gig), in Alavus, on july 26th. If we go there, we will take the train to Tampere, (21€) where the guys from Nume would pick us up and then we would drive to Alavus. anyway. Outi is excited about this trip

    oh yeah! at the end of the afternoon, we went to visit Soile's parents, Julia and Veikko. Veikko isn't soile's father, but he is Julia's boyfriend. They were really nice, and since they didn't speak english, we all spoke finnish. they were really nice and were really excited to hear me speak finnish. Julia really reminds me of my grand-mother Marielle, who died 2 years and a half ago.. It's really crazy!


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    monday July 7th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

    by on 10th-October-2008 at 08:42 PM
    Today, nothing special. It was quite a lazy day, but it's nice to have some from time to time. Outi's cousin, leo (? not so finnish name) came over for supper and to have a talk with Soile and Reino. It's the son of Soile's sister. Leo's mom doesn't want to be "related" to Soile, Reino and Outi, for some reasons that no one knows... anyway. When Leo left, Outi and I watched the first episode from extreme duudsonit season 2. well, the season in english. It was quite funny to watch, dudesons have always been funny (and dumb :P), and their cameraman is an acquaintance/friend of mine. It must be quite something, working with those guys...

    (the dudesons are these crazy finnish jackasses. they even started before jackass. you have to watch one episode, someday, its always funny to watch).

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    Sunday, July 6th 2008[Finland travel blog]

    by on 10th-October-2008 at 06:03 AM
    In the morning, we all ate breakfast together in the main building, and afterwards, we all went out for a small boat ride on the sea. It was really beautiful and windy :P There were a lot of swans. I was suprised to see some in the wild like that. It was weird seeing so much of them! When we came back, we all headed to the main building where we had lunch. it was a "porolaatikko". it could be translated as a reindeer casserole... or something like that. It was a recipe from their son, that is a chef in a restaurant! it was REALLY good. We also watched a bit the F1 race, and then we left to Helsinki. Henna came after supper and we cooked some pastries, again!

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