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Thursday July 10th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

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Today we are going to the cottage. It's near Puujärvi, one of the 10th purest lakes of Finland. It's in Karjalohja, where Tarja Halonen, Finland's president, also has a cottage. I took some pictures of it :P We also went to puujärvi, the view and the water are really amazing! The cottage is quite small, but I really like it. it's only one room, but it has a small tv, a bed, a kitchen table, and a small corner with some counters to cook. outside, there are many differents grills and also a small fausset for water, where we wash the dishes. Outi and I will sleep in the small house where friends can sleep. right next to it is the small outdoor bathroom. it's really lovely! The landscape is just incredible. The sauna is on the shore of the lake, maybe 10 meters from the shore, or not even that. (it was built about 20 or 30 years ago. Nowadays, it's forbidden to build a sauna that close to the shore of a lake).
Outi and I went to sauna for a good 2 hours. it was quite fun, with our longdrinks, and running to the lake and jumping in the lake. Outi was being a chicken and didn't want to jump in. I would dump those icy cold buckets of water over my head (there was no shower there, only a small fausset to fill the buckets, taking the water from the depts of the lake :P). The sauna was around 90C or 100C.
After the sauna, we ate some makkara with a small cup of tea/coffee and went to bed.

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