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Friday July 11th [Finland travel blog]

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Posted 13th-October-2008 at 05:30 AM by reea
Updated 17th-November-2008 at 04:17 PM by reea

hmm sorry if I don't update everyday, i am quite busy lately and when i come home, I am so tired its hard to focus and translate my journal from french to english and make it a good text. but here are some updates!

Today, I got up around noon. It feels so good to actually sleep. I had so much trouble sleeping during the past months, back in Montreal.. and now I can sleep freely, without any problem.
I slept so well!
We ate breakfast, then I went to our small bedroom to watch a bit of the dvd video vortex, for maybe 20 minutes, got dressed and then decided to go sit on a chair on the huge rock fence near the lake and listen a bit to my mp3. Afterward, we all decided to go biking to the center of Karjalohja, to the library. It was fun, and there were a lot of hills to climb! at the library, I rent this diary of kurt cobain. it was written in english on one page, and the next one was translated in Finnish. Then we went to eat dinner at the coffee/bar of the town, and we saw this other actor named Kari Lehtinen. And we came back by bicycle.
What a consolation was it to take a good old savusauna! but I now have this bump under my left feet and it hurst when I put weight on it. oh well. gotta live with it!

hmm so i wrote this small note at the bottom of the page, talking about one of my finnish friend living in Montreal, and I was just remembering his behavior. I'll write it just so people might be interested?

ps: wednesday before I left, I met up with Mikko at a small coffee shop. and when I was about to leave and walk to the metro, he said "Laurence! (ps: my name) wait!" I turned around and there he was, his arms wide open, waiting for me to hug him. I was surprised, because finns are known not to be the kind of really friendly person like frenchs who kisses everyone's cheeks or latinos that are friend with everyone. so I was a bit surprised to see him asking me to hug him. but anyway. I walked to him and hugged him goodbye.

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