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Sunday, July 13th 2008 [Finland travel blog]

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Hei! so today, we are going back home to Helsinki. In the morning, I finished my "Parattiisisaaren vangit" book (by Arto Paasilinna. I really love this author's books, you should check him out!) (I read the book in french, but I prefered to write the original title of the book, in finnish). I went to the sauna to enjoy it one last time, as well as the lake! I took a small walk with Soile and Hambo (the german sheppard) and Reino and Outi picked us up on their way (in the car). When we arrived home, I decided to clean and reorganise my room, because it was starting to get messy. I don't have any nightable so all my small everyday stuff are spread all over the place. anyway. I went to check my emails afterward, when i was online on msn as well. I spoke a bit with Erkki, but he wasn't that much talkative, until and he asked me if I was in Finland at the moment, and well as you all know, i was. He then started writing like a madman in finnish, wich was actually quite funny. he asked where I was staying and since when I was there, and well when he learnt that I was in Helsinki since July 28th he was so bummed! he was there with the dudesons for about 5 days to film this small Mtv3 show! we went to the same places during the week, but we never saw each other. funny!

Henna came over again, and we all planned that friday, we go to a bar.

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    I just finished reading your blog and I really enjoy it! It's cool to read how you felt about experiencing the Finnish way of living. I look forward to reading more!

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