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Monday July 21st 2008 [Finland travel blog]

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by on 17th-November-2008 at 04:37 PM (633 Views)
Today I met up with Hannele (Lee) and Dani (Mirq) . I was corresponding with them over myspace, and Hannele asked me if it would be possible to meet up during my stay. like I already said, I am not very fond of meeting people from internet, but since the ones I met were actually really nice people, I decided it would be okay. and anyway it's in Helsinki in Rautatieasema: there's always people there!

Beforehand, Outi and I went to Kamppi because she wanted to buy a shirt for the opera festival in Savonlinna. We went to mortica, and the 2 sellers were really bitchy and mean. They gave me deathglare. I didn't give a damn. they could talkshit all they wanted, I could understand them anyway. So Outi bought a shirt and she went with me to the front of rautatieasema at 13.30, to meet Hannele.
Outi then left to get a new haircut. So we (Hannele and I) went to Forum to take some coffee at Arnold's and waited for Dani to arrive. we talked about all kind of stuff, and she also told me about this really good book she was reading from the saga Twilight from Stephanie Meyer (I read it, it's really good! ). We walked around the town and went into different shops. It was funny, because both are big simple plan fans. (they are 15-16). I am not a fan really, but I know them personnally so I told them different stories about them. After 17.30, we all decided to go home, so I took the bus back home.

Ilari was there and as always, he brings a movie for us to watch. we watched Brotherhood of the wolf (or in it's original title: Le pacte des loups). It was a good movie, and it was in french. so I could understand it and well the subtitles were only in finnish, swedish, norwegian and danish. Outi got her hair dyed, it looks good on her!

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