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Tuesday July 22nd 2008 [Finland travel blog]

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by on 17th-November-2008 at 04:45 PM (1187 Views)
Today we went to downtown Helsinki with Pasi, Outi's boyfriend. He is.. I don't know. He isn't mean or a bad person... he is nice to her, but I don't know why, there is something I don't like about him. sometimes it's just feelings I get from people :/ It's true he doesn't look 34, but more like 24. but I guess as long as both are happy, age doesn't matter much?
He doesn't drive well. HA! maybe that's just how it feels with most of the people driving when you are from montreal and you are a driver with nerves of steel. :P
Mr. had to buy pants, so we went shopping for pants (no, seriously, since when do men go shopping?) and I bought the checkered red/white scarf I saw the other day with Hannele from Carlings. We ate pizza and had a beer or two at "on the rocks" and "elmo bar". Then we went to see the movie Hancock at Finnkino. It SUCKED. real bad. :P I forgot my glasses at home too. haha! and in Finland, you actually have assigned seat from when you buy your ticket. but once the movie starts, you can always switch palces.
Outi might come next time with me to Tampere, to see one last time Wellu and Lauri. But she is still not sure since she must save money for Austria too.
Tomorrow we are leaving to Savonlinna for the opera festival. we have to get up at 7h30 to leave at 9h. that's in about 6 hours. haha!

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