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Thursday, July 24th 2008

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by on 2nd-February-2010 at 08:08 AM (443 Views)
This morning we ate breakfast in the hotel room (well the residence's small apartment). It was good, just as usual, coffee, tea, karjalanpiirakka, ruisleipä, juusto, milk, and all. We got back on the road, heading back home, in Helsinki. We stopped in the Mikkeli area to this small farm where there was a small store my mom would have loved to visit, with gardening stuff, home decoration and some goodies to eat. We ate in a small buffet and arrive in Helsinki around 17h30. Olja, one of Outi's friend, called her to ask if we could go out this evening to a bar.
So we went there in the evening, in the bar heavy corner. It's a metal karaoke bar, and it was quite awesome. We met soo many people there, and I can't even recall all the names (of course, drinking probably didn't help the cause). There was Marko who kept flirting with me, and his brother Sampo. (Sampo is actually a mystical object in the epic Kalevala). It made me laugh that some guys would approach me and pay me drinks and talk to me in finnish. I could fallow up, but it's always hard to talk as fast. There was also a guy from Lapland, Emppu, and Antti, whom we met when we were leaving the bar. Emppu kept calling me my darling. It was odd a bit!
Sampo was too drunk and kept flirting with pretty much everyone in the bar. And Olja ended up leaving the bar in an ambulance, because she took some medication and alcohol at the same time.

and on top of that, the last bus never showed up at Rautatieasema, so we had to take a taksi back home. 27.45€ ¬_¬

yet it was a fun night!

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