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by on 27th-April-2009 at 08:39 AM (646 Views)
Yesterday, I went to Nuuksio which is a National Park close to Espoo.

The best way to access the Park by public transport is with Bus 85 from Espoo (e.g. you can go by communter train from Helsinki to Espoo) and you have to get out at Nuuksionpää. From there it is about 2 km to the trails.

There are 3 trails where you can go:

Punarinnankierros Trail, 2 km
Haukankierros Trail, 4 km
Korpinkierros, 8 km

I chose the Haukankierros Trail as it is the fastest way to discover all highlights of the Park.

The trail itself is not that difficult. It goes a bit up and down and you have a nice view from the top of a rock to Haukkalampi and Brook Myllypuro.

Here are some pictures I made in Nuuksio Park:

and a Video:

If you want more information about Nuuksio:

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