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Events in Finland

  1. Snow's Avatar

    World Village Festival Helsinki

    by on 24th-May-2009 at 04:08 PM
    Today, I have been to the World Village Festival in Helsinki and I think the main reason people going there is because of the variety of food you can find there e.g. Chinese, Indonesian, Cameroon, Turkish, Indian and many more.

    However, this year the weather was really great. It was sunny and we had 19 C (ok if you are from a southern Country then this is not that much but for Finland it is great).

    The festival is also a great opportunity if you like to find accessoirs for your outfit. You can find necklaces, rings, clothes etc. from different places in the world.

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  2. Snow's Avatar

    Villagers of the world, unite!

    by on 5th-June-2008 at 10:52 PM
    This was the claiming on ads promoting the Maailma kylässä, the World Village Festival last weekend in Helsinki. In this festival participated over 300 partners, including 200 NGOs as well as educational institutions, museums, public authorities and businesses.

    The objective, according to the organisers, is to provide "a meeting point open to all presenting cultural treats and surprises from all over the world: music, dance, organisations and food, as well as a place to encounter new viewpoints on tolerant multiculturalism, development work and globalisation, as well as finding ways to influence things in daily life." Events like this underline the importance of multiculturalism on today’s European societies and how borders and differences now are less noticeable.

    It was an interesting experience, listening the most diverse musical bands, getting to know how the different NGO’s develop their work and trying delicacies from such distant countries like Nepal, Mexico, Philippines, Ghana and even something from the former Persia, no matter T-Bag said that wasn’t exactly authentic, but well, good enough to have a nice meal and over all a great time with the FinlandLive’s fellows. See you in the next one guys!

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