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    Review: Parliamentary Election Day in Finland 2011

    by on 3 Weeks Ago at 01:06 PM
    Today is the Parliamentary Election Day in Finland. We went to the school next to our flat where polls were waiting to get filled. There were actually no long queues and voters were rewarded with free coffee and buns. Everybody is waiting now for the outcome of the elections in the evening.

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    Review: GoExpo 2011 in Helsinki

    by on 12th-March-2011 at 05:20 PM
    GoExpo is the must go exhibition for every outdoor enthusiast in Finland. Tickets for entrance costs 13 EUR and there is much to see from Fishing, Trekking, Golfing, Fitness and Traveling.





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    Book Review: Finnish Lapland (Crossbill Guides)

    by on 30th-December-2010 at 12:45 PM
    Recently, I purchased the Finnish Lapland Crossbill Guide and can highly recommend it as an introduction to Finnish Lapland. The size of the book is also quite good as you can easily pack it into your backpack.

    The beginning the book (about 60 pages) gives you information about the different regions of Finnish Lapland, Climate, Geology, Boreal Forest, Lakes and Rivers, Fells, Mires, Bogs and Fens and History.

    The second part of the book (about 40 pages) focuses on Flora and Fauna of Finnish Lapland.

    The third part of the book (about 70 pages) introduces you to 22 routes for hikers. Each route description tells you how to get there, Difficulty & Duration, Flora and Fauna, a map and a detailed description of the trail. This is accompanied by pictures of the area, flora and fauna.

    The book also gives you plenty of resources where you can find more information about hiking or bird watching in Finland. In general, the book is easy to read and so far the best book out there if you are interested in Hiking which I know.

    Here is the link to the website of the book: Crossbill Guides Foundation where you can also find book samples as PDF files.

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