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    From Kosovo, right?
    I saw it on the news too.
    I didn't think he'd be a Finn, Finns are much nicer. It's so sad though, that all those people died because of one fool. Go to last post

    IceQueen-xXx on 4th-January-2010

    Shooting in Espoo Mall

    If you want to chat with natives get intouch I have native friends who help learners :) Go to last post

    Cazz on 4th-January-2010

    Eager to learn Finnish!

    same here in the south. We got plenty of snow over night but combined with sunshine it's really nice.:D Go to last post

    Snow on 4th-January-2010


    Life is going fine, thanks. :) I'm still on holiday for couple of days, but on thursday I have to go back to school. And I haven't done any of my school stuff I'm supposed to do...

    It has been... Go to last post

    Maija on 4th-January-2010


    Welcome Maija! Good to have you here! How is life in Eastern Finland? :) Go to last post

    Snow on 4th-January-2010