On my trip to Finland I only got to stay in Helsinki for a single night with a friend, after that I went to Mänttä-Vippula for 2 weeks before I settled down in Rovaniemi (In Lapland) for 2½ months before moving around some more. Needless to stay I was in Lapland for the majority of my time, even venturing further north to stay with a friend in her dorm for a week then back down to Oulu jut outside of Lapland for the rest of my stay.

Many Finns haven't even been to Lapland or Rovaniemi, some grew up there and have barely ever left to Helsinki, choosing to venture outside of Lapland just a few miles to Oulu.

So has anyone else ever been there? I would describe it as the most beautiful part of Finland with the least amount of urban expansion, I would say that it's not as cold as some other southern (and more windy) parts of Finland and that people there are generally more 'care-free'. However unemployment ranges in something like 50%.

If you haven't been there I would definitely suggest visiting, it's the best place to snowboard and meet people who aren't as 'closed off' as other Finns further south.

So share your experiences