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Thread: Trip to Finland

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    Default Trip to Finland

    Hi everybody,

    I'm going to finland to see my best friend, she's studying at the University of Vasaa, so we gonna party a lot, drink beer with other students, it'll be awesome!!

    after that, we want to spend 4 days in Helsinki, to visit the capital, and i heard that it's a wonderful city! can't wait!

    we are looking for an accommodation, and we were hesitating between a hotel or a hostel??
    my friend found this out: Hostels in Helsinki - Book Online at Hostelworld.com and Cheap Helsinki hotels, Southern Finland, Finland - 61 hotels from £20

    what will you recommend? are the hostels safe enough for 2 girls?

    thanks for your tips!

    see you

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    Default Re: Trip to Finland

    Depends how old you are really.. If you are 18 then yes Hostels are most definitely 'safe' enough for 2 girls. Why doesn't your friend let you stay at her place?

    Hostels are a great place to meet people but you are at the mercy of others if you want peace and quiet for a good nights rest. Hostels are really only 'meeting places' and also places to go to sleep at the end of the night. Think of it as just paying for a bed because that's pretty much all you get.

    Hotels of course are much more private but are around 3-?x more expensive.

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