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Thread: My first week in Finland

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    Default My first week in Finland

    Part One
    (Pretty bad roughly written, OK)
    Iím freezing my butt, come on people, somebody get me a coat. Please some degrees. OK. I already knew about this issue, but coming to Finland right after a month in the Bahamas is not probably the smartest thing to do. I have to get used to, period.
    My landlord is also a professor in my college. I met him before and heís not a regular character in the Finnish idiosyncrasy (I think). His wife is from Ghana, they have three adopted kids, and so on. Just Imagine a Tommy Chong Ė Carlos Santana minded 6-foot tall blond man. After setting base in my new home, Iím ready for my very own first in this land. So.
    Day one.
    Iím architect, so in the regular architecture in this place is pretty odd for my taste. Donít get me wrong Aalto is one my heroes and everything here looks so clean and organized. But so white at the same time, which is a strange choice for a cold environment. Probably is a trend that came out as an imposed fashion, just like Gothic architecture in UK. Ha, sorry. What a nerd.
    Although Iím pretty aware of my blackness the idea of being constantly checked is resulting tedious for the less. An approaching to a Brazilian guy was revealing: They donít care of my skin color as much as my so-called exotic background. Apparently a black guy with soft shapes and blue eyes is not very common for them. So, this is all fault of my horny blonde mother.
    Next barrier was language. I know a few words in Finnish they all can speak English, of course (well, most of them). They prefer their own language, pretty logical, isnít. Iím just so spoiled because in Netherlands everybody speaks English, even at home.
    So this day ends with me as foreign attraction with a bad attitude. Letís see tomorrow.
    Day two.
    I have the best confidence for today. So I decide to break all conventions and go for them. I will pick a Finnish randomly in order to get a new friend. But where, most of them seem to be so stressed or doing something. Not any park, not the super (why the music is so loud?), may be in a cafe.
    OK. The cafť in this place looks like women think. Are populated by females. It can be very stressful being approached by a foreign guy, but what the heck; Iím Latin and Caribbean.
    First thing about Finnish women: they look directly into your eyes, so deeply that you can think they are trying to intimidate you. No. They just listening with great what you are saying. So. Donít play fool. You need to be sincere and go to the point very quickly, no stupidity with these women. I mean it.
    In the other hand you canít compliment her too much because they might youíre not being honest.
    Until now, the myth of the not talkative people hasnít touched my mind, but probably because where Iím from the idea of someone avoiding my talk is ridiculous. So I push and push till I get a reaction. They can run but not hiding.
    So I invited Miina (sweet name) for a walk and dinner. Holding her hand I canít stop thinking: are all the Finnish so easy or naive when it comes to trust other people. Is just her?
    I asked her, and then she said: ďI like your eyesĒ
    Always to the point, isnít?

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    Default Re: My first week in Finland

    Well you do have very nice eyes.

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