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  1. HKI_Reporter
    Maybe opening an own business? Anyone has an idea?
  2. medo
    looking for job hard like (Dishwasher)
  3. JolitaM
  4. hootchee
    how is everyone's network doing? ive found all my jobs in the past thru my network. its next to nil here but i'd be happy to add anyone who is looking for work.
  5. djvm98
    Hi everyone!

    it is true that networking is the most effective way to find a job, or at least more job interviews than by just send applications...

    what about begin to network amongst us?
    if every one tells which are his/her interests or job type looked for, maybe the other group members would have some inputs or if someone gets to know some opportunity other one would be interested in... in this way we could help each other, well beginning with me: I'm looking something in this areas: advertising, communication, marketing....

    what do you guys think?
  6. wilsand
    Hi all!
    I am not in Findland, but i am joining this group.
    The thing i would like to know is if it is possible to find a job when one is not a Finnish resident.
  7. djvm98
    Hi there...

    possible it would be, probable... it depends, if you are EU citizen chances are, if you're not it will be quite though but not impossible, if you speak some Finnish would be better, if not, at least you must be pretty fluent in English, if not.... then think it twice all odds are against...

    sorry if this is too honest, but it's the reality over here...
  8. abderrahman
    like poeple i am too looking for job in finland . that's like tent in desrt
  9. gigo12
    hey all nice to be in this group i really wana go to any where if there any one can help me in that to go to any country like finland or helsinki or any where if there are any one can help me by send to me a envetion i will be so thankfull for him and i have go to many country befor like itally and greek and ustoria and sofia befor and i really hoope to can go to finland i work in vegtaboles and export in from egypt here and i like cooking and i really hoope to can work in finland case it really so good people there with a magic places thats my email case i think i will be recived a massege from some one till me that he will help me and send to me the envition to can go any where

    adress:21 stret hafez saleh behind ghamra hosptital ghamra
    thanx people for helping me and enjoy u time
  10. ybelov
    I am a translator, but now I'm looking for an unskilled job like cleaning, because I need a permit for working in Finland and my Finnish is not yet good (though I know Swedish well). More about me on www.suomi24.ru
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