Zeiss Distagon ZE T 21mm best for Landscape?

  1. Snow
    Currently, I am looking for a really good landscape lens and came across the Zeiss Distagon ZE T* 21mm f/2.8. Can anybody recommend this lens or is there any alternative? This lens does not have AF but this should not be a big issue for landscape. There is also the 18mm which is less expensive with a f/3.5. Should be actually also fine for landscape. Most likely the f/2.8 is not really necessary outdoors...?
  2. Aulwaise
    On what camera? For landscape I find that a nice Rollei SL-66 with a Zeiss 40mm lens works quite nicely. Be sure to use a tripod and get a good light meter. A large format camera works well too.
  3. Snow
    I am looking for a lens for Canon 5D Mark II. But I suppose those third party lenses work well on all cameras
  4. Aulwaise
    I've found that it's better to stay with the original manufacturer's equipment. They know their products best and develop lenses specifically for them. Sometimes, third party lenses have been produced to accommodate a wide range of cameras and thus compromise to suit everyone. However, Zeiss lenses are the best in the world.
  5. Snow
    Aulwaise, I agree with you. Was just thinking that if Zeiss is so good it would be worth to buy one prime lense from them. I looked at some pics made with this lens and the output is really good.
  6. Snow
    Here are my first pictures/video with Canon 60D and Zeiss Distagon 21mm:

    Still have to get used to manual focus
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