I'm a 28 yo female currently studying Social Services at Laurea UAS, Otaniemi and also a substitute teacher at an English speaking preschool in Espoo.

What I am interested in is a full-time summer job in the field and/or an occasional afternoon/evening/weekend job starting with fall.

I'd prefer working with children from 6 months up to 2-3 years because that's the age group i've been spending the most time with.
My previous employer was a Finnish family that has a toddler boy (1,8 yo) and a baby-girl (5 months old). Unfortunately, our contract was a limited one, so again I'm out-there looking for work.

As a parenthesis: I'm, of course, more than willing to spend time with bigger children also, I'm sure it's very entertaining, as long as we can communicate by having a mutual language (English for example). I've been taking care of children around 5 yo that only spoke Finnish and I came to the conclusion that communication with them is really crucial for you need them intellectually and emotionally involved into your activities/conversation which cannot really happen without talking..
I noticed they're very interested in things and learning about life/world and I'd really would like to be able to answer their questions and explain them my views on what surrounds us.

Before my experience in the above mentioned family, I worked as an au-pair and had to, also, mind other two toddler girls.

About the language skills:
I'm fluent in English (although it's not my native language) and I also have a basic command of Finnish as I understand what children are trying to communicate/their needs, as well as I can have simple sentence-communication with them if I'm required to use Finnish. However, I'm working onto learning Finnish by taking classes at Työväenopisto and also on improving my English (one can never be "too" good) :-)

Looking forward to hear from you, so I could get back to you with a full work application plus picture.


e-mail: oriana.bus (a) gmail.com