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  1. Insinoori
    hei hei , minun nimi horacio, from buenos aires argentina, mitä kuulu? iam a fan of heavy metal finnish,
  2. Hi Kaanna thats a beautiful name:P is it really yours... ? hauska tavata, terve.
  3. natsumi382
    Haha I didn't either got a job, thought I didn't practically try too much,
    about half of the youngsters in the Helsinki area are without summer jobs
    because of the recession etc.^.^
    I thought I'll be lazy this last summer.... even thought it oppresses me quite lot,
    'cause at least next summer I MUST go to job, otherwisw they'll just laugh at me
    once I get out of school when trying to get some job without any former real experience...

    Oh, I LOVE rivers, we also have one here, even thought really little one, but still.<3<3
    Wääää you have a beach next to you and you hardly ever visit there!?! O_O
    Well, foreign people exist to remind you about the amazing things you have just in front of
    your eyes.

    No problem, my pleasure.
  4. natsumi382
    Wee no problem, btw I at last answered to you in myspace, just that you know. xD
    Hmm well I think there might be tales that are lot more easier to read, but
    I only know them as a books, haven't found them from the internet yet, but
    I'll let you know if I'll find.
    Hmmmmmm that greeting thing you told me about sounds really strange...
    I mean if she said that it's too polite?! Hmmmmm did she say what word you
    could use instead? It's true that sometimes I for example doesn't use
    any greeting at all, I might just say "Böö", but I'm a bit too extra case since I use
    "Böö" instead of "Good morning = Huomenta" too, even to my mom, not only to friends. xDxD

    I've studied some simple things in Spanish, but as i said you in myspace, I think
    one new language more is too much for this autumn, (or my mom is gonna kill me!! xD).
    I should rather lessen my hobbies...
  5. natsumi382
    Päivikin satu: [lukunurkka] - Päivikin Satu

    Mestaritontun seikkailut: [lukunurkka] - Mestaritontun Seikkailut

    INSTRUCTIONS: Roll the page down untill you see the long box with a book picture next to it's left side. Watch that in the box reads "Tallenna Päivikin satu/Mestaritontun Seikkailut ensin omalle koneellesi PDF-muodossa = Save (first) the book Päivikin satu/Mestaritontun seikkailut to your computer in a PDF-form" and then press the "Aloita = start" -button.

    The third link is a website with some Finnish poetry as translated into English:
    Poetry of Finland. Suomen Runous.

    See ya!

    P.s. Never apologize a long comment, I'm myself totally lost case in the length of messages and I also love to read anything what comes to your mind, the longer the better.
  6. natsumi382
    Btw I don't exactly know how good you're in Finnish but in the case you'd like,
    I'll give you three links. The first two include the download links to the two books
    my mom read to me when I was little, I was so surprised when finding the hole books from the internet even thought I have them as a real books too. As far as I know
    the first book isn't available anymore in the bookstores in Finland... I think every child should hear these stories.^^
  7. natsumi382
    Hmm the informal greetings are quite complicated to use depending on the situation and so on. There's also various kinds of them when we made up new all the time. xD
    The "Moi" is most usual with the people in my age. "Hei" is more polite and is used for example in a message to the person you don't know or to granny etc. "Terve" is what we call "rempseä = free and easy (This is how my dictionary translates it O_o)". It's something which fits well to easy-going guy who greets his good old friend. BUT nowadays these greets are used by everybody, depending on the nature of the situation.
    So, could you tell me how close is the friend to you and in what situation you used it?
    And was it really "Moi" which you used, not "hei" or something? 'Cause "Moi" isn't really
    very polite, even thought it depends on also the person and her own talking way to which she is used to. Also, is she from South Finland or somewhere else, 'cause that also changes the hole thing?
  8. natsumi382
    Terve Käännä! I'm doing pretty good at the moment I think
    it has never been this great summer, the weather and everything,
    but I think it just feels that way to me 'cause I feel like I'd have just somehow woken up to life. Seriously never been so happy in my hole life than in this summer! Haha
    thought one guy who I found from one party might have something to do with it xD
    Maybe I'll tell you later in myspace..
    But this happy summer is kinda sad 'cause then next summer can't definitely be as good as this.. Have you been busy this summer? I bet you have been in the Spain's great beaches the hole vacation!!?! ;D
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