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Thread: Any Finns out there? ;-)

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    Default Any Finns out there? ;-)

    Hey guys,
    my name is Sarah and Iím from Germany. Iím 18 years old and in my last year of school.
    In my spare time I play the drums, sing, read books, listen to music, go out with friends or like to go to the cinema. Furthermore, why else would I be in this forum, I am totally fascinated by Finland.
    Even though Iíve never been there, what I absolutely need to change some day, I like this country, mainly I would say because of the great nature. Unfortunately I canít say anything about Finns themselves because I donít know anyone yet. And now you come into play ;-)
    I would be really glad if one of you ďrealĒ Finns likes to chat with me, just for fun now and then ;-) Iím afraid I canít speak Finnish so you would have to be satisfied with my English :-P
    But what isnít yet can still come xD
    It would be super if you were about my age.
    Well, thatís it about me, I hope I havenít scared you off completely :-D Thanks a lot by now for your answers!
    Greetings from Germany, Ferret =)

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    Default Re: Any Finns out there? ;-)

    Hei welcome to finlandlive You can leave me a message on my profile if you like and chat about finland. I'm a teen myself so its all cool lol.
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