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  1. httaha
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    hello reea..

    i am taha from Bangladesh. I am going to sit for entrance exam. I applied for Degree programme in International Business and Business Management.
    My exam date is 13th March. I collected Pre-reading materials, but i am really confuse about exam. In exam i have to write a motivation letter and I don't know how to write it!!! so, i need your help. Could you please suggest me "how to write a motivation letter for my degree programme in International Business " if possible please send me a sample of motivation letter. My mail ID is . I'll be grateful.

    thanking you

  2. savutonpohje
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    you're so lucky! i'm going to finland at the end of this year, hopefully. and maybe an exchange in a couple of years time. canada is awesome.
  3. absalon
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    reina buenos dias quiero saber como esta el mercadolaboral en finlandia dime reina , solo con el ingles unose puede desembolver en ese pais y a que te dedicaste en finlandia los españoles tienen problema para trabajar en finlandia unbeso absalon
  4. hootchee
    We have the AFN (assembly of First Nations) that are constantly lobbying and positioning emerging technical companies and other exporting companies on the world market. While we are holding the gov accountable there is room for improvement with our own governances. We are taking examples from other reserves that are making leaps and bounds to self sufficiency. I have studied the models for the EDO (economic development officers) and found it lacking in resources from the government. I think that they should rely more on wit and talent and less on government handout anyway. Most Indians are quick to say that we are finding our own on our own. The media is on notice for the way we have been presented in the news. Trust me when i say its not as bad as the outlets would have you believe.
  5. hootchee
    The Saulteaux Ojibway nation held vast swaths of land from Ontario to the middle of Alberta and down into the plains of America. So you can kind of say i still live on ancestral land. Yes its a shame but we as a people are looking forward and getting educated and opening businesses in the fastest growing segment of Canadian population. I find too much media focuses on what was instead of what is. If you get a chance have your guys read "The Imaginary Indian" by Daniel Francis. Those stories will always be there but those who pay attention are missing the exciting progress we are making even today.
  6. hootchee
    Yes it does mean that but this society is from Manitoba as far back as it can be recorded. But that is not to say it didnt stay put. There are fragments to the style of legislation found in peace treaties between Kootneys and Blackfoot from as near as post contact. They were distinct methods easily identifyable to those who know what to look for. We recently emerged into the spotlight for a healing ceremony for a group of Vandoos that came back recently from Afghanistan.
  7. hootchee
    Hey Reea! I've been back to Canada for almost a year. I got back and had to adjust all over again. Wasnt used to crowds and loud ass people. I went for a baseball steak at the keg and couldnt figure out what was so noisy! Turns out it was everyone was talking and laughing etc. My server left me thinking i saved his life in Iraq by the attention he was paying to our table. Caught me off guard. I immediately missed the solitude. The wife came out and so did the poulipoika. They thought it was fun but wanted to get back. So im headed back to Suomi round Christmas time.
    Intianni stuff? No problem. Im Saulteaux Ojibway from the Bear Clan. We are part of secret society that holds medicine from generation to generation. Dont be afraid to ask. Moikka!
  8. Snow
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    yes of course we can arrange a meeting. Just let me know from when you will be in Finland exactly.
  9. Caughtnee
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    really? that is pretty freaking wow! I'm trying to get my parents to want me to want to go there XD
    Do you live over there?
    Whats it like to be on an exchange program? XD
  10. samunder
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    hi can we be friend
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Why do you like Finland?
I've always felt a strong connection with finland. Its like my own country


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Friday July 25th 2008, in finnish (suomeksi)

by reea on 2nd-February-2010 at 08:16 AM

Tänään olin kotona vain koko päivä, mutta neljän illalla jälkeen menin Helsingin kirjastoon tavata Henna ja Outi siellä. Sen jälkeen menimme rautatieasemalle koska halusin osta junalipput Tampereelle. Sitten menimme Kampiin jossa söimme jäätelöä. Menin kotiin Outin kanssa ja Ilari tuli sinne yheksän jälkeen, ja sitten menimme busilla baarin Helsingin keskustassa. käymme heavy corneriin taas. Mutta siellä se oli aika tylsä. Niin käymme sitten Dark Side:iin ja siellä doorman sanoi että olimme aika nuori olla Dark Side:ssä. Mutta ei ollut ihminen, no hän sanoi että se oli okei jos juosimme siellä.
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Thursday, July 24th 2008

by reea on 2nd-February-2010 at 08:08 AM
This morning we ate breakfast in the hotel room (well the residence's small apartment). It was good, just as usual, coffee, tea, karjalanpiirakka, ruisleipä, juusto, milk, and all. We got back on the road, heading back home, in Helsinki. We stopped in the Mikkeli area to this small farm where there was a small store my mom would have loved to visit, with gardening stuff, home decoration and some goodies to eat. We ate in a small buffet and arrive in Helsinki around 17h30. Olja, one of Outi's friend, called her to ask if we could go out this evening to a bar.
So we went there in the evening, in the bar heavy corner. It's a metal karaoke bar, and it was quite awesome. We met soo many people there, and I can't even recall all the names (of course, drinking probably didn't help the cause). There was Marko who kept flirting with me, and his brother Sampo. (Sampo is actually a mystical object in the epic Kalevala). It made me laugh that some guys would approach me and pay me drinks and talk to me in finnish. I could fallow up, but it's always hard to talk as fast. There was also a guy from Lapland, Emppu, and Antti, whom we met when we were leaving the bar. Emppu kept calling me my darling. It was odd a bit!
Sampo was too drunk and kept flirting with pretty much everyone in the bar. And Olja ended up leaving the bar in an ambulance, because she took some medication and alcohol at the same time.

and on top of that, the last bus never showed up at Rautatieasema,

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Personal Diaries

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

by reea on 2nd-February-2010 at 07:58 AM
I'm sorry I haven't been active lately. I'm pretty much busy with school, work, and dealing with stress and depression. (Don't worry, I'm not too depressed to the point of having suicidal thoughts, at least!

I know I haven't updated these, but I think this travel blog need an end, doesn't it??
anyway, enjoy reading!

This morning, I got up at 7h30 to get ready for our trip to Savonlinna. We went to the opera festival, to see the rigoletto representation. Rigoletto is inspired by a book Victor Hugo, a french author, wrote. It's called "le roi s'amuse" (the king is having fun, is being amused). We were supposed to leave at 9, but as usual, Outi (my host sister), wasn't ready on time! It's a bit annoying, in the end! But it's okay! The trip in the car was quite long! We stopped in Mikkeli to lunch in a McDonald (as if we didn't have them back home! :P)(And yes, they have McDonalds in Finland, as well as Subways). After lunch, we went back on the road. We walked around a bit in Savonlinna, once we got there. We went to an open market, where we ate those traditionnal karelian patry (not the karjalanpiirakka, but the sweet one). We visited the castle in which the show in the evening would be held, as well as the backstage. It was quite impressive. Olavinlinna (the castle) was really breathtaking. We ate dinner at Mimosa café, and it was gooood! I ate some tortellinis with a sauce rosé, with smoked salmon on it. Opera isn't

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Tuesday July 22nd 2008 [Finland travel blog]

by reea on 17th-November-2008 at 04:45 PM
Today we went to downtown Helsinki with Pasi, Outi's boyfriend. He is.. I don't know. He isn't mean or a bad person... he is nice to her, but I don't know why, there is something I don't like about him. sometimes it's just feelings I get from people :/ It's true he doesn't look 34, but more like 24. but I guess as long as both are happy, age doesn't matter much?
He doesn't drive well. HA! maybe that's just how it feels with most of the people driving when you are from montreal and you are a driver with nerves of steel. :P
Mr. had to buy pants, so we went shopping for pants (no, seriously, since when do men go shopping?) and I bought the checkered red/white scarf I saw the other day with Hannele from Carlings. We ate pizza and had a beer or two at "on the rocks" and "elmo bar". Then we went to see the movie Hancock at Finnkino. It SUCKED. real bad. :P I forgot my glasses at home too. haha! and in Finland, you actually have assigned seat from when you buy your ticket. but once the movie starts, you can always switch palces.
Outi might come next time with me to Tampere, to see one last time Wellu and Lauri. But she is still not sure since she must save money for Austria too.
Tomorrow we are leaving to Savonlinna for the opera festival. we have to get up at 7h30 to leave at 9h. that's in about 6 hours. haha!
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Monday July 21st 2008 [Finland travel blog]

by reea on 17th-November-2008 at 04:37 PM
Today I met up with Hannele (Lee) and Dani (Mirq) . I was corresponding with them over myspace, and Hannele asked me if it would be possible to meet up during my stay. like I already said, I am not very fond of meeting people from internet, but since the ones I met were actually really nice people, I decided it would be okay. and anyway it's in Helsinki in Rautatieasema: there's always people there!

Beforehand, Outi and I went to Kamppi because she wanted to buy a shirt for the opera festival in Savonlinna. We went to mortica, and the 2 sellers were really bitchy and mean. They gave me deathglare. I didn't give a damn. they could talkshit all they wanted, I could understand them anyway. So Outi bought a shirt and she went with me to the front of rautatieasema at 13.30, to meet Hannele.
Outi then left to get a new haircut. So we (Hannele and I) went to Forum to take some coffee at Arnold's and waited for Dani to arrive. we talked about all kind of stuff, and she also told me about this really good book she was reading from the saga Twilight from Stephanie Meyer (I read it, it's really good! ). We walked around the town and went into different shops. It was funny, because both are big simple plan fans. (they are 15-16). I am not a fan really, but I know them personnally so I told them different stories about them. After 17.30, we all decided to go home, so I took the bus back home.

Ilari was there and as always, he brings a movie

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Personal Diaries

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