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  1. Snow
    1 Week Ago - permalink
    Yeah I do some running. And you? I hope till tomorrow evening everything should work perfect here again
  2. Snow
    1 Week Ago - permalink
    I am fine and you?
  3. Blazco_
    1 Week Ago - permalink
    It's god damn hot over here. Over 30º this week so far. And no, I don't know finnish, just understand short phrases but nothing great though. Good luck with your learning
  4. Blazco_
    1 Week Ago - permalink
    hey, I'm fine. How about you?
  5. natsumi382
    1 Week Ago - permalink

    Yea, I really like different seasons, thought don't know what will happen since the influences of climate change have already started to shown...
    What kind of weather you have there? And thanks! I'm glad you like my pictures!

    Well you get better when talking and writing. Btw maybe you could ask other members what Finnish books they've bought and which of them has been good?...Yea, I corrected your previous Finnish texts and sent them to you as a private message... Ask if you didn't understand something. (wouldn't be a surprise since I'm not very good at explaining things the way they'd be understandable.) xD

    With a fast glance I think that your main problem is that you still think in English. You use the phrases which are typical to English, but which aren't used in Finnish. But that's a thing which just needs some time...^^...and then there's the case endings which really are difficult...

    Yea I know the sites and it isn't hard to tell which one is easier..Here someone has gathered up some good sites from where to learn, I hope this helps you:


    People here must learn Swedish at least from seventh grade and English isn't must, but as far as I know, almost everyone starts it in the third grade
    (when being 8-9 years old)... and then later you can study some other languages. (complicated^^)
    ...It's really sad that people who would have the chance to learn different languages from their parents, doesn't bother to try... I mean, it's so big privilege that ones parents knows many languages, that it shouldn't be waisted.

    Sinun todellakin kannattaisi käydä Levillä Lapissa, varsinkin talvella. Siellä oli aivan mahtavaa. Siellä asuvat suomalaiset ovat parhaita suomalaisia heti Karjalaisten jälkeen. xD Olit lääkärissä? Oletko kipeä? Toivon ettei se ole mitään vakavaa...Meilläkin on syysloma noin puolentoista viikon päästä, kuinka pitkä loma teillä on? Onko teillä muuten oma sauna kotona? Ja mistä tiedät ettei sinulla ole sisua?^^ Hmm... kun en ole kiireinen, mikä on muuten todella harvinaista (xD), yleinsä luen kirjoja, hengaan kavereiden kanssa, ompelen vaatteita, valokuvaan, opiskelen japania, piirrän jne. Useimmiten kylläkin nukun, koska en saa arkena unta tarpeeksi... Riippuu millä tuulella olen.^.^ Entä sinä?

  6. reea
    2 Weeks Ago - permalink
    yeah, lapland must be really really awesome in winter!
    well here in Montreal, the days are shorter, but still there is more sun than in Finland. some finns also told me the winter is colder/rougher in Montreal than Finland. But I honestly think its not too bad :P

    how about you? (what state are you from?)
  7. reea
    2 Weeks Ago - permalink
    I am not sure about the changes between summer and fall. but Id say in general, from what my finnish friends tell me, it gets darker quite fast and people start to be a bit depressive about it.

    -kaa and-kää endings are used to be polite (with verbs) for example: Menkää it means Go, but in an informal way. or Olkaa (hyvää) be good. I am not sure really how to explain it well, but its a polite ending you can add to verbs
  8. reea
    2 Weeks Ago - permalink
    I am doing fine! how are you doing? what have you been up to lately?
  9. solitudine
    2 Weeks Ago - permalink
    No Kyosti!
    I haven't been to Finland yet.
    But what about you ? Where are you now ?
    Hope to hear from you again ;
  10. angelica.monterola
    Hello!!! that's great, I would love to visit Lapland too someday, but first I must finish my studies. Yes you're right school is hard but we have to keep going. So how are you? What are you studying?

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