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  1. maniya
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    no esimerkiksi...
    Mitä Kuuluu!?
  2. maniya
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    aw ok but Oneness City really rocks!
    it best thing about it is it shows both slang & formal Finnish
    about Children of Bodom I like them they are amazing well I agree they've change alot when I listen o their Hatebreeder & then Are You Dead Yet I can Feel the difference !specially Alexi's voice In Are You Dead Yet is better
    but something never changed,The Reaper on covers!
    ok I really need this we can improve Finnish with this & please dont mind my finnish is AWFUL!
  3. Blazco_
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    uff, it's a looooong history :P
    I joined this site last year I think, when here were just few of us. I joined just because I like Finland, as everybody here
  4. Snow
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    Hi Kyösti, thanks for you message. Hope you like it here! Ever been to Finland?
  5. maniya
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    nice !
    well I like black metal find it cool but you know I should be in the mood for it!
    i started with Cradle of Filth & still love them yeah I know ArthemesiA! their nice too loves the make up !
    yeah the banner is a Viking man & he really rocks xD!
    about Mirzadeh! they are not so popular I'm in their Myspace but they got few fans & they really deserve more also they are new comer & as you said "hard to find fans of black metal/doom metal." for example they start before Negative but Negative is glam rock so it gots lots of fans!

    emmm is finnish for busy people a pay site? or I dont know how to use it

    there is a easy learning site at least really helpful for me!
    Oneness City

    hope the site would be fine for you !
  6. angelica.monterola
    Yes! that was the way I found out most of the bands, also myspace is a good tool to find some underground bands. I like my coffee black too, very strong. So you run, that's good it's a very complete excercise. For how long have you been practicing it?
  7. reea
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    yes, I love the sauna! I miss it so much.. of course we have some saunas here... but its not the same! :P
    In Quebec, there isn't that much Scandinavians people. In Thunder Bay (Ontario), there are a lot of finns, at least 10 or 15% od the population is finnish.
    sure, I can help you with basic stuff for travelling. is there anything speacific you would like to know? Are you of Finnish ancestors? (well Kyösti is definitely a finnish name :P)
  8. angelica.monterola
    Wooww I would be a good "coffee partner" hehehe, I am an addict to coffee. We here drink it a lot. MY favorites groups are Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica, HIM (of course), Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and The Rasmus. I made a friend here in the community, and he introduced me to Tracedawn, they're very good. What kind of sport do you practice?
  9. maniya
    4 Weeks Ago - permalink
    I'm fine thanks how about you?
    well I started with Uniklubi (their music is glam rock,something like Negative but Negative songs are all in English)
    & Right now I listen to metal mostly, & my favorite in Finnish Language is Moonsorrow (Viking Metal) & some of songs byMirzadeh (melodic dark metal) is in Finnish they're cool

    Hope these bands help you.
    oh & also click here its a site about Finnish rock & metal bands.

    Good Luck
  10. angelica.monterola
    Hi!! I'm fine thank you how aere you?. Well, why the interest about Finland? first, I like finnish rock music, the architecture adapted to the beautiful nature and the people. About the picture, thanks!!. I think if Darth Vader would told that to Luke maybe, just maybe, the story would be different

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    Finland is cool, and the sauna is awesome


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