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  1. Caughtnee
    Heyy not much, just watching Where The Wild Things Are on my laptop and my usual facebooking
    How are you?
  2. Caughtnee

    Oh thats ok, I havent had much of a chance to get internet access, as my dad is currently on leave from work and I'm just being a total hermit, sitting in my room, practicing cello and reading and dreaming about coming to Finland... -sigh-.
    Hope your new year and christmas was pretty good too. Over here, it was really quite warm. I wish I was over there where it snows on christmas and stuff xD Haha I'll probably screw the first term of year 11 when school goes back late january.
    Angry? Noo.. Im not angry. Bit of a headache, we have cicadas going off all day and then crickets at night. It's SO FUCKING ANNOYING xD Nothing interesting over here. Seriously, nothing interesting happening in Hell, aka Australia hahaha.
  3. Akaatta
    To all visiting this page - I had much problems with internet connection again (-_-"), the thing that I didn't reply or something DOESN"T MEAN that I'm ignoring you, I'll reply when I'll be able to... I guess it will be all ok now, I managed to launch (that's a success xD), I hope nothing will change with it...
  4. Caughtnee
    uhh hyvää joulua! xD
    howve you been?
  5. hootchee
    Moi, how was the gig? what's going on over there? Hyvaa Joulua!
  6. Kara87
    Bene grazie!(i'm fine thanks for asking!)
    Have you got msn?
    Pčrkele, vittu vittu!
  7. Kara87
    ;P hi nice to meet you
  8. hootchee
    No worries. Internet is taken for granted. I'd lose my garbage if i ever lost my connection. It's wired into my central nervous system i think.
    Sounds like some decent gigging going on in your neck o' the woods. I'm still in Canada but will be in Finland shortly. I miss my wife and stepson and want to get on with making friends and throwing some decent dinner parties. You'd love my wife's cooking.
    I was at the grocery store here in Calgary last week and i heard these Finns speaking the Suomi outside. I walked up and spoke what I knew (about 5 months worth of 7 hours a day...i can order soup. LOL) and they totally lit up. (well, as much as you can light up a Finn) They slowed down their talk and we chatted a little. They were from Ensiferum. Pretty loud. It was good to hear the kieli again. Have a blast at the show! Post some pics if you can. Heippa!
  9. Caughtnee
    Really? Its 12:28 pm here in Australia. OMFG im so envious. xD I wish Korpiklaani would come here, but some people say that they dont have a big enough fan base here in Auz, but really, we've been screaming out for them.
    Have fun in Warsaw ^_^
    Hyvaa yota xxx
  10. Caughtnee
    Hei. Olet tervetullut xD
    not much, just facebooking and listening to music, and chatting to like 5 people right now xD
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About Akaatta
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Archery, fireshow, music (composing and listening)
Mostly metal ones! ^^
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Wintersun, Ensiferum, Norther, Korpiklaani, Teräsbetoni
Why do you like Finland?
I was always loving Finland somewhere deep inside, needed just time to realize it.



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