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My house, with some mates banging our heads and rocking our guitars hehe, mine is the black one :)
Yes, I'm the one with the Maiden T-Shirt :P

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  1. Vesania
    I had the same iron maiden t-shirt when i was 15 years old
  2. Blazco_
    Well, I was 16 in that picture haha
  3. Akaatta
    Nice guitar, and tshirt of course!
    Once I wanted to learn playing electric guitar, and become second Jari Mäenpää , but well - people told me to start with classical guitar, and that was giant mistake... now I'm trying to learn again, but I'm not so motivated as before. :/
  4. Blazco_
    go on then! I quit playing guitar because University is taking most of my spare time! Now I'm playing again, just love playing Iron Maiden's Wasted Years, almost cried when I sang it alongisde 31.000 metalheads in 2008 and then again alongisde 60.000 metalheads on last March
  5. Akaatta
    Iron Maiden's gig! *___* I always wanted to see them live, but I missed them when they were in Poland...shame on me. :/
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