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  1. juliopro
    Hola hola qué tal...
    ¿Viviendo en Finlandia?
    Yo vivo en Turku....
    Casi no entro al foro, así que quizás no vea tu respuesta... Pero puedes buscarme por facebook.com/juliopro
  2. Snow
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    Great. How about you?
  3. Estesark
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    This may surprise you, but I have heard of Colo Colo, and I know quite a bit about the Libertadores I listen to an English newspaper podcast called Football Weekly, and they often have South American correspondents on the show, and a Spanish one every week.

    I used to play as a goalkeeper when I was young. When I was seven, I was thought to be the best goalie in the whole school, so I would get picked to play with the nine-year-olds. That made me so proud But then everyone else started growing while I stayed short until the age of 14, so I switched to right-back. That's usually where I play these days, when I get the chance.
  4. Estesark
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    Sounds great! I love playing football but I'm really not very good. I used to play socially in England, but it seems difficult to come across non-competitive teams or organisations in Finland.

    What is your local Chilean team? I probably won't know anything about them, but I'll keep an eye out for them I'm always keen to expand my knowledge of world football.
  5. Estesark
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    Thanks, Blazco! I'm really happy to hear that someone - or at least one person - reads and enjoys it. I just updated it, too

    Are you a big football fan, then?
  6. Snow
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    Yeah its amazing...2 months in the dark. It's almost like winter in Helsinki for 6 months.
  7. drummerac
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    Hi Blazco, congrats on freeing the miners, I hear one has a new problem...... his wife found out about his girlfriend
  8. IceQueen-xXx
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  9. Frozen
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    hah thanks) your pics nice too.
  10. IceQueen-xXx
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    Oh, like intestines and testicles, that sort of stuff.
    I was watching something on Discovery Travel channel, and this American went there and tried all these interesting foods.
    Don't worry, apparently Australians eat crocodile eggs :s
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A small taste of violence, another eleven.

by Blazco_ on 12th-September-2008 at 08:12 PM
Written on september 11 of 2008. Enjoy.

-Yes, another eleven is coming to town. Tonight is the 35th “anniversary” of the military movement to break into the Salvador Allende’s government. Riots all everywhere now. People usually do this on this day. They burn tyres, they face the police… lots of injured arrive to the hospitals… it’s a quite common situation.

-But let me tell you why this happens.

-It all started back in 1973. Allende was a left-wing politician, and he was the first communist to be elected in a democratic way, back in 1970. He had already lost two times in the elections, but his third attempt was the lucky one. As every left-wing politician, he gave everything to the people. And when I say everything, it’s EVERYTHING. Before him, we had a very good president –Frey Montalva-, but with him as “headmaster” things changed.

-The certainly thing was that we were in a deep crisis. An economical crisis. People were starving, BUT they had a lot of money. What’s wrong with that? There was nothing to spend the money in. To buy a kilo of bread, you had to pay like 150.000 pesos (about 250 current EUROS). Ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, the right-wing economical leaders were against his government, so they started to hide all their production, they wanted him out of the country. We were millionaires, but we could not buy anything. Until September 11 of 1973.

-Augusto Pinochet was the chief commander of

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About life..

by Blazco_ on 1st-August-2008 at 07:26 AM
I wrote this a couple of years ago and when I read it I thought 'Oh, sh*t, I was going maaad' So, I decided to post it here just to know what do you think about this

About Life.

I don't know really where to start from. I guess I will from my earliest memories.

When I was a kid my life was about just one thing: Football. I used to play it everyday. And when your life is as simple as that, you're happy.

Then, when I started primary school, I was 5 years old. My life changed a little bit. Now, it wasn't just about football but football and a slow learning-process which I don't know when will it finish. Maybe never.

As I was growing up, and my life was everyday heavier, I started to understand why I had become a 'sad' person. Ok, maybe not sad, but 'worried'. Too worried.

Even though I had wonderful marks at school, an awesome relationship with my family and friends, even though I had a girlfriend, I wasn't feeling happy.

I thought that something should have been done. If my life was excellent when I was younger, why couldn't it be now?

What did I have when I was younger?

What did I have when I was happy?

And the answer came to me itself:


I had nothing!

I spent a lot of time wondering 'why' and chasing 'dreams' that could never be done!
I wanted to be professional footballer, I

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Routine... KILLS!

by Blazco_ on 11th-July-2008 at 08:05 PM
Random stuff I wrote some days ago.

[...]And you feel the water falling in your back. Then, you turn the shower off. It's the third day, so your facial hair looks good. You ain't gonna shave it tonight. Walk upstairs and open the door to the left. That one, with the chilean flag in the front. Then, you close it as you walk inside the room.

-Turn the TV on and watch random news. Raped women, crime, pollution, corruption, low education, and your govern supporting illegal foreigners in your city. You don't care. Nevertheless, your country is fine. The milk is more expensive than the gasoline, and gasoline cost as much as the bread. ENOUGH!. Enough news for tonight, and turn the TV off. Take out a Marlboro from the box and light it. Tastes good.. good tobacco. You enjoy your cigarette while you listen to "She's like a Rainbow" and you remember someone. It's a woman. A woman you love. But she doesn't love you. So sad, I'm sorry. You fall asleep...

-6.45 AM. Wake up. Awful night. Walk downstairs and take a short shower. Choose your clothes and get in the jeep. 7.20 AM and you light a Marlboro. It's your breakfast. You get at university, and spend the rest of the morning there.

15.15 PM. Take the metro at "Saint Lucy" station and get down at "Central Station". Then, you take the first bus to "Quinta Normal", the J-05. Get down at "Salvador and Samuel" intersection and walk two minutes to get home. It's thursday, there's no classes

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