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  1. mopbiola
    thanks for the reply.
    well,my real name is Abiola.
    So Ali,what do u like doing most? And do u like most?
    hope to read from u soon
  2. Ali
    Hello mopbiola, is that your real name? yeah i dont open finlandlive that that would explain why i dont reply quickly.Thank you for all the nice things you said. well life in Finland is good. everything is easy and comfortable rules and regulations. weekend was fine
  3. mopbiola
    how are u doing? hope good.And how was ur weekend?hope was great.
    U don't reply my last message,why?hope know problem
    hope to read from u soon?
    your humble
  4. mopbiola
    thanks for the msg.
    I am a fresh graduate,I graduated last year,i studied agricultural engineering. and i am unemployed for now.
    Ali,i love to meet new people around the world and learn about there costumes or whatever..i can see that u are a good person too... you talk to me with respect thanks for that..So how is life in finland?
  5. Ali
    Hello there,, oh u already know someone in pakistan. Good. well u r most welcome to visit my country. and trust me its not like as they show on BBC.Its pretty safe actually.its just media has created all this crap.I am an engineer in Helsinki. what do u do?
  6. mopbiola
    Thanks for that warmth response, it really gives me so much joy when i read your words........well, Nigeria is cool, we're endowed with great and rich culture, the whether is so friendly how i wish you could come feel it your self, i know thats a bit too soon right? the people to are so friendly and accommodating.
    I'm very happy to hear that u are from pakistan,i have a friend in pakistan his name is Imtiaz,47 years of age,is a jornalist,is a humble man and i have never regret one day of meeting him,even before i'm planing to vist him in pakistan but due to the problem that is going on in pakistan my parent did not allow me.
    I hope u will be a good friend like Imtiaz.I will introduce u to him soon.
  7. Ali
    everything fine on my side.yes i am from Pakistan, from the city Lahor.I donno if you know it.I don't know much about Nigeria. I know some guys from Nigeria living in Finland very nice and friendly people.
  8. mopbiola
    thanks for the makes me happy to see i have a message from you,And I THINK ITS A PRIVLEDGE TO MEET SOMEONE LIKE YOU.......
    Well,am doing fine.......So what about u,ur wife and Baby?
    About me,I'm a fresh graduate studied Agricultural engineering in the university. my mom is a teacher and my dad is now retired after serving the government for 31 years, i've two lovely brothers and sisters.... i love my family so much....Because they are everything i have in this world.And i've lots of passions for music and football.
    Can u tell me about yourself? and are u from Pakistan?
  9. Ali
    hello there, thank you for the nice email. how r u doing friend...
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