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  1. Blazco_
    Wow that is impressive... normally Europeans don't care about southamerican football even though european football is full of southamerican players :P haha

    Oh that's a shame. Well, when I started playing I played as centre forward and I was quite good but I also had the height problem so when I was called to the school team, the manager used to put me as Side Midfielder which was a shame. But then I quit playing and started swimming and playing rugby, developed some muscle and height and BOOM, finest centre back in school :P
  2. Estesark
    This may surprise you, but I have heard of Colo Colo, and I know quite a bit about the Libertadores I listen to an English newspaper podcast called Football Weekly, and they often have South American correspondents on the show, and a Spanish one every week.

    I used to play as a goalkeeper when I was young. When I was seven, I was thought to be the best goalie in the whole school, so I would get picked to play with the nine-year-olds. That made me so proud But then everyone else started growing while I stayed short until the age of 14, so I switched to right-back. That's usually where I play these days, when I get the chance.
  3. Blazco_
    Well I don't play in a team of whatever, only with friends but the level has been rising constantly for the past 2 years :P We could get in a league or something! I play as a centre back by the way... Once upon a time, I was my school's finest defender. The good ol' times.

    My team in Chile is called Colo Colo. Weird name ain't it? We're supposed to be one of Southamerica's greatest teams down the years but lately we haven't performed well enough in Copa Libertadores, which is a Champions League equivalent :P
  4. Estesark
    Sounds great! I love playing football but I'm really not very good. I used to play socially in England, but it seems difficult to come across non-competitive teams or organisations in Finland.

    What is your local Chilean team? I probably won't know anything about them, but I'll keep an eye out for them I'm always keen to expand my knowledge of world football.
  5. Blazco_
    I'll have a look on it as soon as I find myself some spare time
    Yeah, I'm a massive football fan. I play a seven-a-side match every monday and a five-a-side on thursdays with my mates and go to the stadium nearly to all my team's home matches :P

    And of course I watch football.. a lot
  6. Estesark
    Thanks, Blazco! I'm really happy to hear that someone - or at least one person - reads and enjoys it. I just updated it, too

    Are you a big football fan, then?
  7. Blazco_
    hey, I saw your blog about Finnish Football, thought it was great! Interesting stuff mate, keep it up! you've got a fan here! haha
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