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Conversation Between Blazco_ and natsumi382
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  1. Blazco_
    5 Days Ago
    can't believe you remember it! You made my day waaaaay better! I just had a row with mom, but now I'm happy!!

    Thanks you! Kiitos! Gracias! Danke! Täck! Grazie! if I knew more languages I'd say tjanks you in every one of them hehe.

  2. natsumi382
    5 Days Ago
    Guess who did remember your birthday^.^
    Have a great birthday evening!!:
    Mariolle.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    (Btw this text is made by my sister and I've wrote half of the text and signature with my own hand )
  3. natsumi382
    1 Week Ago
    "The text that you have entered is too long (5353 characters)." XD
    Sorry Check out youtube
  4. Blazco_
    1 Week Ago
    Wooooow! It looked awesome! I had never seen one of them :P. And no, here in Chile we don't do things like that. People are too lame and boring. And we're worried about other stuff.. like keeping jobs, paying bills, doing riots, catching criminals, and watching football ^^
  5. natsumi382
    1 Week Ago
    Guess what it said to me before? Hehe "The text that you have entered is too long (3210 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long." xD Yea I'll answer you tomorrow, now I has to do some maths... BUT guess what!! I was today at the Flash mob (YouTube - Frozen Grand Central) in front of Helsinki's big commercial centre Stockmann and we get to Finland's biggest newspaper!!!(Naamiokasvoiset nuoret kritisoivat joulukulutusta jhmettymll - - Kaupunki) It was so fun, and there started a huge conversation about it xD Has anybody done Flash mobs there in Chile?

    Oh and video about it: Uutiset - Videot -
  6. Blazco_
    1 Week Ago
    The text that you have entered is too long (1924 characters). Please shorten it to 1000 characters long. ¬¬ damn it. Well, I sent it on youtube.
  7. Blazco_
    1 Week Ago
    ok, I'm checking it out
  8. natsumi382
    1 Week Ago
    Hi I answered you to youtube since the text was too long to here...xD see ya!
  9. Blazco_
    2 Weeks Ago
    Hey there!
    And no, my ankle is still in pain. But it does not matter to me to be honest, I've played football and I haven't felt any pain, so I think I'm ok ^^ thanks for asking.

    Wow, that ice-falling stuff seems pretty painful. Did you break your nose that time? I hope not. I've never broken my nose, BUT I broke one guy's nose in a match ^^. I'll tell you what.

    He was pulling me, since we were about to take a corner kick, and I jumped, headed the ball and scored, but just to be a rude boy, I tapped him in his head while I was jumping. Then, when I was back on the floor he said to me: (I'll use chilean-spanish here :P)

    "Si me vas a pegar, házlo como hombre" (If you're going to fist me, do it as a man!)"

    And I replied:

    "Ahh, como hombre? me queris enseñar, conchet******"(aahh like a man? Would you like to teach me you motherf*****

    And I fisted him with my two hands in his neck.. then he tried to hit me in my face and I just dropped my left hand into his nose. He started bleeding hahaha. I felt sorry for him. Then I said:

    "Te metís conmigo, te metís con el mejor"(You f*ck with me, You f*ck with the best)

    haha xD

    And then your brother lifted you up. It must be nice to have a brother like him. I mean, my brother is older than me, but he's shorter than me, so...

    And you've been ill for 9 weeks now. Damn it! I mean.. how come? After hearing that, I don't know if I want to go to Finland.. :O

    My seeing-northern-people-dying attitude will be forgotten when I get to Finland.. I guess. I'd like some cold though, we've been like 35º here

    It doesn't surpirse me about the lottery. Here is the same.. everywhere is the same ^^

    Don't be sad about that guy. Maybe he doesn't deserve you. And probably every single guy in Finland is gay haha. Just kidding. Maybe you should go somewhere else

    And here are a lot of a**holes too. I think it's a global problem haha!

    Well, if he did say that, then he must be a jerk.
    Thanks for wishing me luck, but I'm not gonna need it. I won't 'try' anything this summer.

    And about the musical.. the name sounds familiar, but I've not seen it. I'm gonna search something about it!

  10. natsumi382
    2 Weeks Ago
    Hi dude!

    Is your ancle already better?

    Heh, I actually once fell to my nose into ice which had asphalt under it... I only felt extremely harsh pressure and after that how the blood strated to flow from my nose and mouth... I was so shocked that I just stayed laying there untill my big brother came to lift me up and walked me to the school while I kept my eyes closed. You know it's good to have a big brother. ^^

    Yea well maybe I try not to go swimming on ice... it's now something like 9th week going when I'm ill.

    Haha Finland is the best place to try that attitude.
    Hmmm.... you watch northern people die frozen on your holidays and then you want to still come here...hmmmm *doesn't anybody see anything funny in this?* xD

    Yea well you at least have one thing common with all the 5 million Finns... you want to win lottery.^^
    I mean, I'll sure you that if you ask any Finn what is that he wishes to happen, the answer will definitely be "to win lottery"... we have proved this many times xD

    Heeh, well parents shouldn't be always kind to us anyways 'cause that isn't what the world is either...

    Thanks for wishing me luck, but it didn't work out this time.... really I don't understand why I always let myself fall in love when the result is always the same, I just prove that every guy in Finland is either a gay, total asshole or already taken... In our school almost every guy I know has a girlfriend...Don't know how it's in Chile but you guys really are some kind of devils xD

    I asked this guy out with me, but he said he had something serious going with another girl and that's it... but he said that I should believe him that he's total jerk and I'm so nice that it would have been only bad for me. But ofcourse he just tried to cheer me up and anyways already the fact that he said straight to me what's the case, told more about him than anything else...
    I hope you've better luck^^

    Btw I asked this from Reea, but I ask from you too, have you seen or do you know the musical called "Spring awakening"?

    Have a great week!

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