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Conversation Between Creative and T-bag
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  1. T-bag
    so did u find something cause I found lots of flat but it need to talk about if u still intrested to be in , I sent u private message with my contact .
    waiting for ur reply dude .
  2. Creative
    yep absolutely
    I agree...we can meet when you want to talk about it.....
  3. T-bag
    yep , that will be great cause now me and my roomy trying to find one from the end of this month ,so if u r intresting to be with us so we can rent a big flat in Helsinki of 3 room and the price will be much chepear than flt with 1 or 2 room .
    waiting for ur reply
  4. Creative
    hey i am looking to share a flat ...I know you are looking for a flat. Do you think taking a roomate more would help to find a flat???
  5. T-bag
    yes Dude , domnt worry , now I am checking with Eric , he is in France so I think I will introduce u to him cause he know all of them in Finland .
    so hopefully he join next event that will be I dont know till now where .???????!!!!
  6. Creative
    Hey..Last time you said u know some french around here. Well, as my professional life is DEAD, i would be more than glad if you could introduce me to them, or bring some at our meeting. I need contact here, so would u help?

    Thanks in advance
  7. T-bag
    hei Dude , I think yesterday u took like zelion Thousand pictures , where r they , upload let see what happened .
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