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Conversation Between djvm98 and T-bag
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  1. T-bag
    4 Weeks Ago
    mfriend its good to see u here again !
    long time havnt seen , whats happened to u ?I hope u do well and also ur girlfriend .
  2. T-bag
    u can check the event calender cause I invited every friend in the forum in addition to my other friends so we can make more friends .
    and in case u couldnt nt know the right place just call me every thing in the calender buddy
    waiting for u .dont miss ur cam
  3. djvm98
    OK! sure let's go!
    but let me know when and where....
  4. T-bag
    hay Italiano,yes its like my birday and also for my friend but we will gather in my flat first and have some lil party and meeting new friends ,and then we can all head to Molly continue the night together specially the last 2 weeks we havint made any gather
  5. djvm98
    Party? party? which party?
    are you organizing something? on the last two gatherings we haven't been able to go because other previous engagements... but tell me... is it something for this weekend???

    we are ready!!
  6. T-bag
    I wish that U will show up in My lil party so we can all have same gathering like last time and then will go to our dance floor in Mooly
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