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Conversation Between Kyösti and alex_side
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  1. alex_side
    4 Days Ago
    haha yees=D.. favorite things about finland is that there are so beautiful nature, good food and very good people
  2. Kyösti
    4 Days Ago
    I’m good, my weekend was fun. I must have found Finlandlive in a similar way by searching something about Finland but I don’t remember in specific anymore. I find Finlandlive great! I am interested in Scandinavia so I find Sweden a nice place too. What are your favorite things about Finland?
  3. alex_side
    5 Days Ago
    hello=D im fine,, and you? i found it on google when i was searching for finish communities
  4. Kyösti
    1 Week Ago
    Hey how are you? How'd you find Finlandlive?
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