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Conversation Between Kyösti and Mia
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  1. Kyösti
    1 Day Ago
    I like Finnish too but I am not very good. For example I am lost on most Finnish webpages ( for example). It is a beautiful language and I think is one of the craziest looking languages (along with Icelandic and Greenlandic!) I would very much like to learn it nonetheless. Do you have any favourite Finnish words or phrases?
    I'm glad your next week sounds good. My next week is alright, mainly a continuation of this week in the sense that not much new is happening.
  2. Mia
    1 Day Ago
    >the next week will be nice for be, because I have hollidays<3.´

    Oh, sorry, I meant not 'nice for be' XD..nice for me of course >_<
  3. Mia
    1 Day Ago
    oh fine^^.
    the next week will be nice for be, because I have hollidays<3.

    Oh, I like finish very much<3. It's such a great language<3. But I can only speak some words and sentences...not much..(and I sing finish songs XD)

    and you? can you speak finish well?
  4. Kyösti
    4 Days Ago
    Hey, I’m good. My weekend has been nice.
    This site is awesome and it helps me with learning Finnish.
    Do you like Finnish?
  5. Mia
    1 Week Ago
    hey <3

    Im fine thx<3 and you?

    I like this site...what about you?
  6. Kyösti
    1 Week Ago
    Hey how are you? How did you find Finlandlive?
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