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Conversation Between natsumi382 and Blazco_
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  1. Blazco_
    Ahh, guys.. we always bring problems
    You're on holidays!! wow that's nice . I've been bored as hell, been at my grandparents home for one week, it was ok though. And then when I came back to Santiago, I've had the best week in my life.

    btw, what movie will you see?
  2. natsumi382
    I'm doing pretty good now, just some problems with guys again xD And have been SO busy with the school, you? But now our holidays began (today) and tomorrow I'm going to movies to Helsinki and then in the evening I'm gonna answer to your messages. Now tell me how are you? What have you been doing?
  3. Blazco_
    Hey Aurora! long time. How are you? How is school going?
  4. Blazco_
    Yeah, I should quit smoking. But I hooked up with Marlboro <3 ahaha.
    Streetdance shoes! Nice! I bet you've been using them since you got them ahaha
    The time difference used to be 7 hours I think. But we changed to 'Horario de Verano' (Summer time) and now I think it should be something about 6 hours hehe
  5. Blazco_
    Today's been a little colder, we're like 29º.. what a relief . I used to go swimming a lot, you know, Swimming is my second sport after football. And no, we don't have lakes near, just mountains ¬¬

    I do remember when we talked about Britain. It's kind of difficult now because of the money you know, everything is very expensive and I do want to go there, but I don't see it happening in 2009 . But, I'll tell you when I'm able to go

    Your cards were absolutely fantastic. The birthday one was the best 'gift' of the day I know what you mean, but I'll make one for you ^^

    Well, it wasn't a huge mistake.. and after all.. it's just swedish XD.
    I had a look over the page you sent. It's soo nice. Wonderful. Spoiled looked really really good. I liked "Blue Eyes". Don't know.. I just have something for blue eyes XD. Euthanasia was impressive too.
  6. natsumi382
    And now when we talk about our beloved Sweden again, I must show you something REALLY beautiful. Even thought I have some bone to pick with Swedes, I must admit that they aren't totally lost in everything they do. Here's a link to Swedish Linda Bergvist's site (she's something like 20 years old). I love her art almost as much as I love Albert Edefelt's works. Say what do you think:


    ...From those the "Spoiled" is my favorite.

    You really should quit smoking... thought I know from my friends how hard it can be...
    I got quite same stuff for presents as you, but I also got an ipod and sneackers (streetdance shoes), have asked both about 3 years so I'm like in heaven now. xDXD

    You seem to have quite same kind of Christmas as we do and we also seem to have 6 hours and about 30 minutes time difference... hmm... I thougt it was 8 hours.^^
  7. natsumi382
    Eeh? 33 degrees! That's HOT...from where came to my mind; Do you go often to swim even thought there ain't so many beaches in Santiago (is there lakes then? )?

    Do you remember when we were talking about you going to Britain? I thought that I would want to visit there too.. Do you know when would it be that you'd go there in the case you are still planning it seriously?

    It's great that my card fulfilled its purpose by making you happy! Don't be embarassed, of course I would like to have a card too, but it's nothing like "I gave you so you have to give me" -case. I'm happy you liked it and so it's totally okay even if I wouldn't get a card at all.

    Aa, okay so you got the presents a few hours later than we did...we got them about 8pm on 25th.
    Heh, yea it's "tack" in Swedish.. not a big mistake thought
  8. Blazco_
    I'd love to have snow now.. damn, we're 33º right now .

    Awww, the card is great! So great! Damn, you didn't have to do that. I feel so embarrased because I haven't made a card for you. But, I will

    yeah, I was very very happy, that card you sent cheered me up a lot. And it wasn't my greatest birthday, but it was OK. I was pretty sure "täck" was in swedish, but I realised that it's just "tack" (I guess) :P

    Well, we get the present at 0:00 AM of December 25th ^^.
    This time I got clothes, chocolates, stuff like that. And the most important thing, I got a Lighter xD. It's nice, even though I'm trying to quit smoking :O

    A normal x-mas for us is having dinner with the family, have a good time and then to open the gifts :P
    And the last one.. right now when I'm answering to you it's 15:25 of December 25th ^^

    Any other question? haha
    see you!
  9. natsumi382
    Hyvää Joulua!
    We finally get the white Christmas... I was so scared there wouldn't be snow in the Christmas O_o

    I scanned a card for you^^... I wish I could have sent it to you:

    Mariollekortti2.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Sorry I didn't answer your latest message, I'm so glad you were happy Did you have a nice birthday even thought you had a row with your mom? And what languages is "täck"?!

    Hmm just came to my mind, that do you get the presents on 25th december in the evening like here or 26th december in the morning like in USA?
    And then of course the most important thing, what did you get for a present?
    And btw what kind of Christmas is usual at Chile?
    And because I'm in the questioning mood today: how much time is there at the moment (when you read this or answer me^^) and what day is it?
  10. Blazco_
    can't believe you remember it! You made my day waaaaay better! I just had a row with mom, but now I'm happy!!

    Thanks you! Kiitos! Gracias! Danke! Täck! Grazie! if I knew more languages I'd say tjanks you in every one of them hehe.

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