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Conversation Between natsumi382 and maniya
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  1. maniya
    cool hope u did it great!ooo exams!I gave them all but this Tuesday I will get the results ... no good things in it I guess T-T but I wish you'll be successful with it
    well everything is great ^^ gigs? well no :S school goes great!
    oh co0oo0o0o0o0ol! so u like Negative! ofcourse I like them! no matter if I was kicked out of school 2 years ago because of them I liked them I love them & I will adore them for ever *I know I sound so sick!* heh you made me so happy! but i'll be waiting until you finish your exams ofcourse well about CDs I couldnt find them anywhere so I bought them online & also 2 albums of Indica ^^
    but if I see their CD somewhere surely I would buy it lol!
    ohh no matter
    joo nähdään !
  2. natsumi382
    Hi! I'm so sorry that I haven't been here. I was doing a musical and we has the performances etc. a couple of weeks and I was there like 14 hours per day and I wasn't at school then so now I had to study all that what others studied then and next week will be an exam week, so I'm REALLY busy... But I really wanna talk with you, I've been thinking like ages "Today I'll write to Maniya", but then always has come something

    BUT now I get myself here again, sooo how are you? How's your school? Have you been in some good gigs lately? Btw one day I was listening to radio and guess what! JONNE from Negative was there! It was his interview and I recorded it for you with my cellphone... I'm just translating it, but since I have the exams I don't know can I get it finished before next weekend, but anyways, do you want it? You still like Negative? Lately I've been really exited about Negative and kind of "found it again"... You have any of their CDs?

    See ya! *sorry again*^^
  3. maniya
    heillo :3 !!! long time no talk I miss u :S
  4. maniya
    oh sorry to hear that but hope his friends or anything that he left for it are safe
    & thats good police came on 19.9 but yea scary if they didnt solve it I might think maybe this 2 are related !
    oh last night when I go to bed I heard CNN said 10 dead (include the Shooter) so it became 11 hope no more dead.
    you know if something like this happened in any country maybe they broadcasts didnt do like this you know because Finland is a safe country I saw Tarja Halonen's interview with CNN she said "it was impossible for a country like Finland" & i totally agree with her!
    good spirits lol! well I hope shooting never again happens in any country
    well in Iran ... you know they are many immigrants from lots of poor countries(mostly afghans) here, most of them are beggar & some of them are drug dealer & lots of them commit crime !
    Iran became so unsafe country after the islamic revolution because 30 years ago (Kingdom of Iran) immigration to here had some hard rules which poor countries never could afford them & lots of them were from America & Europe & Israel so its true there wasnt many crimes!!! & everything we have now are from before revolution!

    BTW do u like MCR?!
  5. maniya
    hiya natsu!how are you?
    I saw this terrible news today,I'm really sorry about this hows everything?
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