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  1. Kari
    Hey snow im back now if u ever need me back
  2. Snow
    ok thats fine! Hope you will learn a lot in your training!
  3. Kari
    Hey snow just to let you know i wont be around for the next 9 weeks because im doing my armed forces training
  4. Kari
    Just wondering is there a way to change my name on here to Kari ?
  5. Kari
    Ooo right cool very nice, i wish i could go to that lol. Iv only got a few more things to get now
  6. Snow
    Hey, I am doing well. we are going to have a look at the Christmas Market today in Helsinki.
  7. Kari
    Hey mate, how you doing? Got much prepared for christmas?
  8. Snow
    Well, you can also join our Finnish Chat here every Tue & Thu from 9-10pm
  9. Kari
    Thanks for the welcome. I could look into the learn finnish on tuesday, i know how to speak it currently, but it b good to learn new things
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