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  1. reea
    alright! so I'll be in Helsinki from May 31st (I'm arriving quite late though), until June 27th. I might plan on travelling a bit in the country, to see friends, but if we can settle some meeting then I can arrange my travels.

    I'd like to attend provinssirock (June 18 to 20) if I remember right. so we could plan a meeting for Finlandlive anytime ! I'm quite stoked about coming back!
  2. Snow
    yes of course we can arrange a meeting. Just let me know from when you will be in Finland exactly.
  3. reea

    I just was wondering if it could be possible to do some meet-up maybe during June next summer? It is not 100% sure yet, but if everything goes well, I should be back for a month in June, in Finland. It would be nice to meet-up with the Finlandlive members, since I never can go to the christmas party! nothing official yet, but I just wanted to check if it would be something that could possibly be done.
  4. Snow
    hi reea,

    thanks a lot. Have created a thread about all regions and cities here Regions & Cities - www.FinlandLive.Info - Finland Community - Travel, Work, Study and Life in Finland

    However, I was not able to add all cities from uusimaa there yet.

    I thought it is better to do this in the Forums instead of doing it in the stories section so others can discuss about it better.

    Wish you a happy new year!
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