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Conversation Between T-bag and heleeva
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  1. heleeva
    hey what's up? I know it's been a while since I was logged-in last time but first after I got back home I was so damn busy and then I had some health problems and I didn't have any time to get back here... Now all the things are getting better and better I'm writing my master thesis... and working this week an an extra at the movie scene ! Lol, this is my first real acting experience ever ! Unfortunately we are going to spend 12 hrs s t a r t i n g (!) from 5 PM tommorow on working on that movie... Let me know how are the things going I miss you all, greet the guys from me

    Best regards,

  2. T-bag
    hei Cutee .
    its really bad to know that u will go home but also its good cause u finnish the course ,I hope we will see this week before u go we must actually cause I want to cheer up with u again like before and to make u a good bye party pretty .
    just let me know when u willl be in Helsinlki cause I read that u wanna go to Tempere so r u there or ???
  3. heleeva
    Hey I'm coming back home next Saturday This week I'm (finally!!!) travelling and partying with my friends but most of them are coming back home next Tuesday... Hope to see you before I leave Hel


  4. T-bag
    Hej Ewa ,how r u girl , its good to know that u r still alive ,I wish u best in passin this course .Vappu was so great with all the friends .
  5. heleeva
    Heym I haven't logged in for ages... my school made me completely Zombie for the last weeks... just have to survive till the end of this week and I will be free !!! How was your Vappu?

    Best regards,

  6. T-bag
    hey Eva ,thats so kind of u girl , I hope we all will have fun ,as I said if u lost the way just call .
  7. heleeva

    b-day party? that┤s cool wow... one of my friends got also bithday tommorow but I┤ll do my best to get to your party as well


    In case of any problems getting there, I┤ll just call you!
  8. T-bag
    Hei polish , I hope U show up with other in this Saturday .
    see ya

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