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  1. Vesania
    i have left from the bank , and now i am searching for job..! Gongratulation with your baby good to hear this.! I think you are happy father now
  2. Ali
    yeah im doin fine. in office right now. I became a dad 3 weeks ago.So been busy with the baby and have u been?
  3. Vesania
    Ali whats going on dude? are you ok?
  4. Vesania
    dunno my friend ali but if i take a decision i let you know it Merry christmas and happy new year Ali! health to all your favorite persons
  5. Ali
    Im fine thank you.everything is have u been. Chrismas is all around in Helsinki. City is decorated beautifully. So when u have plans for visiting Finland?
  6. Vesania
    How are you Ali; Hope all is ok! I thing is the best time to live in Finland
  7. Vesania
    one day i ll be there dude hehe just know it..
  8. Ali
    goodmorning!so u just came to work? its 9 34 am here. im in my office no work today.+1 C outside no wind ...
  9. Vesania
    Ali good morning my friend
  10. Ali
    Well its really crazy weather u have wife wil be arriving to Helsinki from Russia on friday. Im gona meet her after 3 months.we r really happy as she is coming permanently now.r u at work now?im in office also. will go for lunch break in few minutes
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