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  1. Blazco_
    Hey mate, how's it going?
  2. Blazco_
    Wow, pretty good bands
  3. Vesania
    Amon amarth , kreator , the haunted etc..
  4. Blazco_
    haha yeah. Any good concerts coming up in Greece?
  5. Vesania
    haha nice Metalhead
  6. Blazco_
    nah, just waiting for the Iron Maiden concert hehe it's the second time I get to see them. I'm looking forward to sing those metal hymns haha
  7. Vesania
    haha i hope to get so what newS?
  8. Blazco_
    Just hanging around, I'm on holidays and I've been quite bored haha. But yeah, drinks, metal and no girlfriend haha but I'll probably get one xD
  9. Vesania
    Nice dude hehhe , drinks, metal and my girlfriend u?
  10. Blazco_
    Aye mate! How is it going in Greece
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