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  1. drummerac
    Hi Vessania, you never said how you enjoyed Finland, did you have a nice time?
  2. Vesania
    yeah its too bad...( i hope to the next meeting!
  3. drummerac
    Welcome back Vessania. Pity you cant come to the meeting in December, you are one of the old timers here, just like me
  4. Vesania
    Hey drummerac long time isnt it ?
  5. drummerac
    Hi Vessania, this page has information about latitude and longitude coordinates: Geographic coordinate system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. drummerac
    I think the €358 includes breakfast, but if it doesnt the hostel does a cheap breakfast and dinner too.
  7. Vesania
    Drummerac i have reserve a twin room in eurohostel with extra (breakfast and sauna) 358 7 days! Tell me to eat a breakfast must give extra money or the money include in 358?
  8. Vesania
    Wow 15 lvl drummerac take the t-shirt
  9. Vesania
    Drummerac send me again the e-mail because i lose it! "[email protected]"
  10. Vesania
    you will send me in this address? "[email protected]"
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